A Perfect Start

If the rest of August is going to be like yesterday, then it will be one of the best summers ever.

Which is funny, considering that this is my first summer since I suffered neurological damage and became 30% disabled

The "Happy Thursday" before the weekend was all vegan, a nice touch from my co-workers.

I took some fantastic shots of two sweet young guys at the beach. I'll write more about them soon.

After the incredible sunset, on my way up from the beach, God closed one door but opened two other doors and my ass. It's has been a while since two guys have fucked me.

A perfect sunset of 1.8

I felt so alive during the act and after it. I'll write about it soon enough.

Last night I have invited some friends over for a pancakes dinner.

There were drinks, ice-cream (of course vegan), more sweats, and high-quality weed.

In other words, all the ingredients for a beautiful start of the weekend. The party was mega fun and I went to bed stoned, relaxed and happy.

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