My Hole's Guardian

I am sharing my life's journey with my amazing sweet girl - Luka.

Besides being amazing, she is also very jealous of me.

Last night even before Dean came over, she already knew half an hour before that I will have sex.

She started to howl, bark, and growl.

How does she know?

Well, she sees me cleaning the house, fixing the bed, getting the lube out, taking a shower, and so on.

She already knows all these little signs.

When someone comes over to make love to me, she utterly does not allow it. She already knows Dean, because it's the fourth time he came over.

Still, the minute Dean touches me, or God forbids, attempts to kiss me; she starts to growl. Fucking me, is, of course, out of the question.

Last night was the same way.

I wrote about how he and I ended up fucking again last night. You can read about it here:


Our lovemaking was not as glamorous or as long as it was three nights ago. Not because we got tired of each other, on the contrary. We kissed passionately much longer than the actual time it took him to fuck and breed me.

I had to wake up at 6 AM to go to work. He had to wake up around the same time to go back to his army base.

Usually, I don't mind being tired at work if it means having fantastic sex the night before. Today, though, I have my annual review, and I want to appear sharp.

Luka did not care that we were going to have a quick fuck (it took one hour).

I still had to get her out of the bedroom.

Quite the possessive bitch, I'd say.


By the way, I added a "Videos" page and a "Popular" page. The Popular page has all the posts people liked the most. The videos page has short videos of me naked at the beach or indoors.

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