A New Start

"I read Dating Dan Part 1. Is there Dating Dan Part 2 out there?"

I got today the sweetest message from one of my followers. We chatted yesterday most of the day, and by night, we continued our chat on Skype.

From here to there, we found ourselves both naked and playing with our cocks (Naturally I was also playing with my hole). I admired his thick and beautiful cock. He ended up shooting cum like a stallion while looking at my love hole.

Today he asked for a link to my blog, and after a few hours, he sent me a heartwarming message. He gave me lots of compliments that I can't repeat without being blamed for being proud and sent to hell.

However, he did ask about where is the other part of the "Dating Dan" blog post. It is, indeed, a popular post.

Here is the link to it:


Why did I not write the second part detailing how we continued our hike and eventually made love in my rooftop Jacuzzi?

For the same reason, I did not write "Naked in Burma - Part II"

This is the link to the first part about "Naked in Burma":


and "Sweaty Outdoor Sex - Part II.". Here is the link to the first part:


Also, it is the same reason for not writing yet how David fucked me outdoors while we were hiking in the mountains, with some more photos of him bareback fucking me.

I only wrote the first part of how we ended up fucking outdoors:


I did not have time so far.

Events wrap up one of the other during beach season. Almost every time I go to the beach, I come back with stories of people I met, fun times with friends or hot sex at the beach or outdoors.

But there is more to it.

My blog has become a mess. The web site looked and felt so amateurish.

I decided to take a step back and stop writing (but not fucking!) and organize my blog.

I am very proud to present the results to you. I want to tell you about some new features and what you can expect:

  1. Modern & stylish and very easy to use design

  2. All photos are clickable, so you can zoom in and enjoy the high quality

  3. Opening www.imjudas.com shows the about page. It has been redesigned as well.

  4. The blog has four key areas that you can access from the top menu.

The blog logo on the left opens the About page

"What's New" - shows the latest 20 blog posts in a format that takes advantage of your wide monitor

"My Naked Life" - Groups posts by month

"Naked @ the beach" - A beautiful gallery of the photos from the beach.

Clicking on a picture in the gallery opens the image in full size

Feel free to explore the new site: Read, explore, enjoy, and share.

I plan to add more galleries, a videos section (for some reason everyone wants to see me shoot my load on video) and other surprises. So please subscribe to my blog to get updated.

You can always drop me an email to let you know what you think. My email is: theonnord@yahoo.com

As for the missing blog posts (Part II's), those are my top priorities before writing anything else.

If you enjoyed this post, I’d be very grateful if you’d help it spread by emailing it to a friend or sharing it. Thank you!

-oct2019 -2019