A Naked Break

I'm naked in bed, taking a short break after three hours of cleaning my apartment for Passover. My apartment is large, even by American standards. There are two stories, a balcony, and a huge roof terrace. There are three bedrooms & three showers. The largest one has two waterfall heads. Four people can shower comfortably at that one (I know from experience…).

There is also a storage room, a movie room, a home gym, and, of course, a kitchen and a living room.

There is even an attic. Generally speaking, an apartment is like a cock. It has to be disproportionately huge for it to become too large. At least for me, that’s how it is.

The Belgian horse I made love with at the beach had a massive cock, but similar to my apartment, it was far from being too big.

That’s what I tell people when they ask me if my apartment isn't too big for one person. Well, I use this explanation with some people. To my co-workers, I say that an apartment is like a hard-drive.

It can never be too big.

I still need to cook the Passover meal for Felix and me.

A nationwide curfew will start at 3 PM lasting until 7 AM the following day. Felix will arrive shortly before that. Our government is taking extreme and yet essential measures to fight the pandemic. Consequently, Israel has a meager number of infections, and the death rate is the lowest in the western world (0.3%).

There are already roadblocks

Springtime is when Israel is the most beautiful.

Earlier today, I looked at this photo of me and became tearful. It is hard to explain the physical pain that I feel being away from the streams and the hills of Israel. To me, King David, Moses, Deborah, and other figures from the Bible, are not distant names from thousands of years ago.

They are alive.

When I hike in Israel, no matter where I look, the places and names from the Bible come back to life. It is a spiritual experience that every Bible lover feels when he visits the Jewish homeland. As for the States, I’m so sad about what is going on there. Felix talks with his parents quite often (his mother lives in Colorado and his dad in Oregon). I’m especially sad because most of those deaths could have been prevented.

What am I making for dinner?

Vegetable soup with Matzah balls

What's a Matzah ball?

Click here to find out. My mom will prepare vegan Matzah balls for my sister (she too is vegan) and me. The traditional Passover soup is made using a chicken corpse. Naturally, we will not be eating that kind of soup. My mom will also prepare Charoset, which is a traditional Passover spread. You eat it during the Passover ceremony.


More about Charoset here.

Then we will eat two starters:

1) Potato salad with smoke-flavored mayo dressing. The mayo is vegan and home-made. 2) Vegetable Siniya.

For the main dish, I will prepare:

Risotto with wild mushrooms

and vegan Chraime

For dessert: chocolate mousse with strawberries and cream

I don’t use processed food. I will make the cream using organic coconut milk and the mousse using organic dark chocolate. I started cooking last night. I prepared for three hours, and I think that I need four more.

I’ll take a short nap now and continue cooking when I wake up

My naked body is locked in my bedroom. My mind, though, is walking and smiling at the hills and the forests of my homeland.

A stream A place of blue tranquility A slice of heaven Please give me just a small rock A place to put my head by the olive trees

Soon, my beloved Israel. Soon, my legs and my sweat will make love to you.


Click here to see my thick cock...