A Mother's Plea

Yesterday I published a blog post showing how I masturbate, cum all over myself, and joyfully eat my cum.

You can find it here:

Shooting Cum - Video

I also included a photo of my upper body right after I completed another hour of running 7 miles. I took it 30 or so minutes before I ate my cum:

I posted it also on Flickr and titled it: "A Runner's Body".

With the following description:

"That's how my body looks like after I finished running 7 miles. 
It takes me an hour at elevation seven on my treadmill.
I have been vegan for more than eight years.
Do you still believe that you need meat, dairy, and eggs to be in shape?"

Someone whose appearance is irrelevant commented that eating meat and dairy is essential and clearly because I don't, my body is eating away my muscles. 

"That's science" was his idiotic final statement. 

I ignored his first comment, but when he continued to promote murdering peaceful creatures, I blocked him. 

Another guy left me a more balanced comment:

"Theon, you look stunning. That you're incredibly fit and lean must contribute to your awesome appearance (along with great genes). Meat eaters can be similarly fit, but being vegan surely helps the calorie balance. Congratulations on looking like a hot 20-year-old!"

I was a 20-year-old many years ago

I don't deny the fact that non-vegans can look as fit as or fitter than me. 

That was not my point. 

Nevertheless, staying lean and in shape, as I am after a certain age, is almost impossible unless you are vegan.

Remember how, when you were younger, you could eat lots of meat and feel good about it? Try doing it after you've passed the age of 30. 

In any case, again, that was not the point.

My point was: 

If you can stay in shape (running 7 miles three times a week, is more than "staying in shape"), without supporting murderers like ranchers and dairy farmers, then why not choose to do the right thing?

I also published the following photo on YouPic.

I titled this photo: "A Mother's Plea."

...and gave it this description:

"Animals are our friends, not a commodity to exploit and murder. A cow is a dog, is a bear, is a child. We are the responsible adults of this planet; instead, we behave like serial killers."

Mahatma Gandhi once said: "Violence begins with the fork."

When we, as a biological species, use so much violence against those who can't resist us, it does not stop with cows and pigs.

Like a plague, it spreads among us.

The underlying reason behind any cruelty and injustice that you might have faced during your lifetime is how cruel we are towards animals.

Our entire society is based on death and destruction.

When you eat meat, you support death camps, beating, enslaving, raping, kidnapping newborn babies, slashing the throat of helpless victims, and many more atrocities.

Our society is based on these atrocities.

What can you do as an individual? 

It's quite simple.

Stop taking part in these crimes. 

Franz Kafka is widely regarded as one of the significant figures of 20th-century literature.

He is also known for being a vegetarian. He once said while looking at animals:

"Now I can look at you with a clear conscience since I no longer eat you."

And this is what being vegan is all about.

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