A Million Dollars

"Every time I see your photos or your naked body, I am so jealous that I'm devastated."

I have known this guy for several years. I met him a few times at the nude beach. It's been nearly half a year since I've heard from him.

We never fucked even though he keeps mentioning his desire to fill my ass with his hot cum. One time, I was lying on my stomach at the nude beach, and he started caressing my ass.

At first, his touch felt good.

It was like a very gentle massage. I enjoy a body massage especially when it focuses on my ass. I kept my legs more or less like in this photo to indicate that I am not interested that he plays with my hole or my balls.

He massaged my back, my back legs, my feet, and my ass. I thought that since I did not spread my legs, he will understand I am not interested in anything except for that.

He did not get my hint and started pushing his fingers into my ass crack. I also felt certain wetness dripping on my ass. I raised my head and looked back. His gorgeous cock was hard and with lots of precum. His precum was dripping on my ass at that point. He smiled at me and squeezed his hard cock, which resulted in more precum wetting my ass.

It was obvious that he intends to play with my smooth hole, in anticipation to fuck me shorty after.

However, nothing happened beyond this point.

I told him: "Let's stop at this point", and he complied with a smile. There was no drama. We just kept talking afterward. His cock kept leaking cum the entire time. It was lovely to see so much cum oozing out of his beautiful cock.

Why did we not fuck?

He's not my type. I think he has an amazing thick cock, but I am not attracted to the rest of his body.

Yesterday, after nearly half a year of not chatting with me, he sent me this message on Grinder. "Every time I see your photos or your naked body, I am so jealous that I'm devastated."

I told him that saying that he is "devastated" is a bit excessive. He disagreed with me.

"You look like a million dollars: Your smooth fuckable ass, your thick cock, your pecs, your muscular legs, all of you.

Compared to you, I look like a dime."

What was my reaction?

Was I flattered?

Not at all, I was irritated.

People have said that they are jealous of me all my adult life. They say they are jealous not only of my looks (which I don't think are that special anyway) but also of my career, my huge apartment, my fantastic relationship with my parents, my sex life, my freedom, my income and more.

Guess what?

I work very hard for all of these things.

Regarding looks: The two things that you get for free are how much hair you have (or don't have) on your body and where. The other part is how big and thick your cock is.

These two things you can't change (without medical intervention).

So my thick cock and smooth ass, hole and balls, are the only things I got for free.

Zoom in on my hard cock
My thick cock is one of the two things I did not have to work for

For all the rest, I have to put a lot of effort into it.

I work out six times a week. The last thing that I want to do when I get back from a hard day at the office is to work out. That is even more so during the winter. I am so cold all the time, and I work out naked at home. I'd rather stay warm, eat pastries, and play video games.

Instead, I grab my smooth balls and spend between an hour and an hour and a half every evening on working out. The only day I let my body rest is Saturday.

Working out is so rewarding. Afterward, and usually also during, you get an adrenaline rush. It feels incredible.

My usual workout routine is working on my muscles Monday-Wednesday-Friday, and jogging three times in between.

I run 6.5 -7 miles wearing jocks on my treadmill at elevation seven. It takes an hour. Running at such a high elevation makes running much harder and forces the muscles of my ass to work extra hard. The result is a nicely shaped muscular ass. Something significant for me to have, being a total bottom and all.

My wet body after working out, in jocks
My jocks were soaked after I finished running last night

The other aspect of staying in shape is my vegan diet.

Compassion aside, eating healthy food takes a lot of effort. Even if you are not vegan yet and you try to eat healthily, you know how much effort it takes.

I cook all my meals because I don't buy processed food. This takes a lot of time. Not only the preparations but also shopping and cleaning.

The other part of eating healthy is fighting my desire to eat French fries every day and lots of chocolate. That takes a lot of mental effort. I'm just like you, I like to eat all these unhealthy things, but I don't allow myself.

What did I answer him?

"You have no reason to be jealous of me.

I put a lot of effort to stay in shape. Not only the vegan diet that keeps me lean and healthy. I work out six times a week, and it takes a significant portion of my evening.

That is why you think that I look like a 'million dollars'. Nothing in life comes for free. The only thing you get for free is the size of your cock, for the rest you need to put a lot of effort into"

What was his response?

The usual whining about how hard it is to stay in shape and that I have good genes.

Well, I never said that it is easy to stay in shape (whoever tells you that is a liar). As for the genes, I have great jeans, but there is nothing special about my genes that helps me to stay in shape. If anything, my genes are fucked up, because no matter what I do, I gain 2-3 pounds every winter.

A lot of people are also jealous that I own an amazing apartment.

How did I get to own my beautiful apartment?

This is a story worth telling by itself, but not right now.

My 2500 sq foot fantastic apartment is enormous even by US standards. It has a balcony, a large roof terrace, an attic, two stories, mountain views, rooftop jacuzzi, three showers, a movie room, and more.

Several times I was offered to have a porn movie made in my apartment because it's so beautiful and has a spacious outdoor jacuzzi. I declined only because of my neighbors. It's enough that they have to deal with my sex life (my neighbor once complained to my mom about it, that was not and yet so funny) and my loud orgasms.

Who helped me buy this apartment?

No one.

No one gave me a dime, not even my parents; I paid it entirely from my pocket. I did what my parents have taught me: I worked hard, sometimes extra hours. I cut back on a lot of expenses, I spent little money on vacations and so on.

When my friends return from Europe after spending 2500$ for one week and later complain that they can't buy an apartment, all I can do is a nod in my head.

When people who are not my friends, say they are jealous of my income or my apartment, it reminds me of why I detest Socialism so much. The root concept beyond Socialism is being jealous of successful people and taking away what they earned to help incompetent/lazy people.

When a person enters your apartment and robs you, you name him a "thief" for taking away your hard-earned money.

Well, a socialist wants to do the same thing but on a much larger scale.

I am not envious of anybody, and least of all, of people that have more than I do. Not only regarding money but also looks and anything you can think of. I am even not jealous of people who don't suffer from my disability and can fly abroad (I no longer can).

Let me tell you something about how Socialism works:

When I started my career, income tax in Israel was much higher than today. Our current prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, lowered taxes considerably when he was the minister of finance. Before these changes, the state took a lot of money from your paycheck if you crossed a certain income bracket.

What do you think did I do when income taxes were so high?

I figured out that that I passed that income threshold by working five days. I ended up paying for my fifth day, 65% in taxes. I said, "fuck it," I am not going to work so hard if someone else is getting my money.

I chose to work four days a week.

What do you think will happen if a socialist like a Benise-Imbecile-Sanders runs the show?

People will do the same thing that I did but on a much larger scale.

This idiot wants to take your money away

The stupidity and, more importantly, the injustice of Socialism is a topic worth exploring.

However, right now, what I want to do is take my naked body, which I don't think looks like a "million dollars" and immerse myself in my rooftop jacuzzi and play with my thick cock and my smooth horny hole. The two things that I got for free.

I took a video of myself enjoying my cock and my hole in my rooftop jacuzzi last night. (it is at the bottom of this post). I hope that you like it.

You can see in the video how I positioned my love hole directly above a powerful jacuzzi jet. The result was that the force of the jet kept massaging my hole while I was playing with my cock. The feeling was so intense. The power of the jet made me feel as if a guy was pressing his massive cock to my love hole with enormous force.

I could feel my love hole relaxing and loosening up from the enormous pressure and sheer pleasure. When I started twisting my nipples, I felt that my anus was completely opening up. When it did, the boiling water partly entered my ass. It somewhat felt as if a cock was constantly shooting hot cum deep inside my ass.

It was so intense at that point that if I had stopped playing with my cock, I would have shot my cum just from the jacuzzi jets without touching myself.

I think that you can tell from my facial expressions how enjoyable it felt...


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