A Manly Female

Face recognition software often decides that I'm a female. It happens a lot when I upload photos to my blog.

Take this photo, for example:

Is it because of my pecs? My smooth ass? My face?

I have no idea, but it happens quite a lot.

I know that my brain is feminine. Some examples of that are:

  • I'm sensitive,

  • I cry easily.

  • I'm a good listener,

  • and, of course, in bed, I'm very submissive and fuckable.

Perhaps the feminine nature of my brain is the reason why I don't suffer from EBD that often.


It's a new term that I've invented: "Erectile Brain Damage."

I made it up after seeing this happen so many times. When guys are horny, their brain dies. EBD must be the reason behind the idiotic messages I get from guys on Grindr and other sites who wish to pound my ass.

A few days ago, I completed and published the story of how Aaron and Kfir fucked me last year at the nudist beach. It was one of the highlights of that beach season.

You can read the first part here:

I Fucked Aaron - Part I

and the second here:

I Fucked Aaron - Part II

In case you didn't get it, the stunning hairy ass in these blog posts is not mine.

It's Aaron's.

Why would I even bother to mention that the above-perfect ass and balls belong to Aaron?

Because this is the message I got yesterday, regarding Aaron's ass:

"A beautiful close-up of your ass !!!"

The guy was horny, and as a result, he suffered from EBD.

This is what my ass looks like:

Saying that my ass looks like Aaron's is a terrific compliment for me. Sadly, my ass looks different than Aaron's. I think that a hairy ass is so damn sexy. But, alas, mine is naturally smooth.

Aaron's ass was so sexy that I even tried fucking it. It was a small detour from my usual sexual preference. The detour ended quickly, and my ass gladly collected Aaron's cum soon after I'd shot a bit of cum into his.

Here's another example of EBD from this morning.

I already had a bunch of Grindr messages waiting for me. One was from sweet and sexy Shay. He is the guy who fucked me in my car ten days ago.

He wrote to me:

"I am masturbating right now and thinking of your terrific smooth hole glued to my mouth while you are sucking my thick cock at the same time."

We do need to fuck again; our car sex was terrific.

Shay's brain does not die when he is horny. Perhaps it is because he is a student of Psychology. However, the other young guy (also in his twenties), who talked with me this morning clearly suffered from a clear case of EBD.

We fucked for the first and last time four years ago, when he was 21 and deeply in the closet. At that time, I was working very close to my apartment, and during my lunch break, I drove back, so we could make love.

He'd told me in advance that he'd never fucked a guy before, but that my ass surprisingly turned him on. There is something beautiful and unique in offering my ass to a cock that has never experienced a warm tight ass before.

And so I agreed to meet with him (+ the fact that his cock was huge and he was very sexy).

It all went very well.

"How do you like to fuck me?" I asked while he was putting on a condom, and I was lubing my love hole at the same time. I wasn't yet on prep.

"I've always wanted to fuck a guy for the first time in doggie."

And so, I offered him my ass in doggie.

For a first-time top, he was a terrific lover, and the thought that my ass was the first to hug his massive cock, made me scream extra loud as he was fucking me.

Very quickly, his thrusts got stronger and deeper.

He started yelling loudly as each thrust entered my hot oven. I also started screaming even louder each time his cock reached my inner depths. I prepared to shoot my load at the same time as him and thus intensify his pleasure.

I wanted to make his first time unique and unforgettable.

I reached back to hold his hairy balls because I knew that would make him shoot his load right away. I was so close to shooting mine as well.

When I did that, he pulled his huge cock out, took off his condom, and said:

"I'm sorry, I just can't do it."

"What do you mean?"

"I can't, I'm sorry. I can't shoot my load while fucking your ass; I don't know why, I'm just not ready to do that with another guy."

Thankfully to this very day, he's the only guy who's been inside my ass, and that made him NOT want to shoot his load in or on my ass.

I was in such a state of shock after he'd left that I didn't empty my balls. I think that I took half a day off to recover from this horrific experience.

Over the past four years, he's said more than once that he was sorry for that afternoon. He kept saying that he was no longer in the closet, and he would love to compensate me for that afternoon by shooting his cum multiple times inside my ass.

However, I didn't want to ever see him again.

This morning he sent me a message, with a photo of his huge cock:

"Remember me?"

How could I forget? I thought to myself, but for the first time, I also felt that I could forgive and let him empty his balls inside my love tunnel. He promised me that he could do that at least twice after his first orgasm.

It could be a nice closure, I thought to myself.

"How can I forget your terrific cock. It makes me drool. I'd love to see photos of your body and face too, and not just your cock."

Four years have passed. That's a long time since his hairy body was pounding my smooth ass.

"Why? Don't you remember me?"

"I do, but a long time has passed since we were naked together."

He sent me two photos.: One was showing his hairy ass (why????) and the other showing his naked body from the side.

He hadn't stayed in shape, and he was no longer my type. I don't get fucked by younger guys unless they are fit, thin or muscular.

That is clearly written in my profile.

"Did you read what I'm looking for?" I asked him.

"Yeah, I know what body type excites you, but chill out, let's meet, take a shower and have fun."

A classic case of EBD, I thought to myself and blocked him for good.

Remembering his massive cock made me extra-horny. I gently removed the blanket and saw that even though Felix was still sleeping, his huge cock was very much awake.

Felix sleeps in his underwear (I sleep naked). I could not resist my temptation to release his giant cock from its cage and spoil him with a sweet blowjob.

And this is how it sounded:

The sound of the kisses is me kissing his cock 😜

"You are such a demanding power bottom," Felix told me after our morning shower. During the shower, I swallowed his love juice. Later I showed him how much I love him by shooting my cum into his open mouth.

I am a power bottom.

But I am also a power vegan.

I celebrated eight years of becoming vegan on Monday. After eight years, I know that vegan food is the best for your body. I am in terrific shape, and my body is very toned. I have so much energy, and my testosterone levels are like those of a guy in his early twenties.

Just stepped out of the shower

In my Grindr profile, I wrote that I only meet guys who are vegetarians. When my ass is extra thirsty for cum, I too, suffer from EBD, and I break this rule.

But I try to keep it.

Shay, the student of Psychology who fucked me in my car, was a vegetarian.

A few days ago, I got this message on Grindr:

"I'm a top. I'm toned-muscular, naturally smooth, I love kissing and touching. But I eat fish, so go fuck yourself while looking for your fantasy top. Idiot"

He had no photos at all. I don't even believe him that he is so hot, but that was not the point.

Here's how I replied:

"You got it all wrong. You are the idiot.
It is my right to decide who enters my body and shoots his load in my ass. The criteria I choose is irrelevant. I'm the only person who is affected by my choice. It does not affect you or anyone else.
As far as "looking for a fantasy top": In Israel, over 20% of the population is vegan/vegetarian, so it's not hard at all to find someone to make love to my ass that fulfils my "fantasy."
Have a beautiful day."

Since he was an idiot, he had to say the last word:

"Sorry, honey, you are the idiot.
It is your loss and, more importantly, your ass's loss. My 10 inches of godly hard gold would have made you scream, "yes, fuck me, yes," because I am the God of sex and ass pounding.
And now I'm going to make myself a tuna sandwich."

How did I respond to that?

I blocked him.

I said what I had to say. Dealing with him any longer would have been a waste of time.

While he was an idiot, the older married guy that chatted with me this week was weak. Talking with him made me think of how we make lies to ourselves and to others to justify how selfish and cruel we are.

He is now over 60. I met him at the nudist beach six years ago, where he turned out to be a nice guy (with an amazing cock). He'd fucked me a few times at the beach, and since then, I've never seen him.

He contacted me yesterday.

"So, are you still a militant vegan?"

"Read my profile and decide for yourself."

"Wow, you would not even agree to meet with people who eat meat. You know, after the summer when we fucked, for two years, I was a vegan."

Damn, I knew that I'd given him several terrific orgasms. He said my ass was one of the best he'd ever fucked, but I didn't realize that I'd had that kind of influence on him.

"Why did you stop?"

"My coacher-healer, who specializes in Chinese medicine, recommended that I eat fish and eggs. That's why I stopped. Afterwards I felt tired all the time and then he suggested that I eat red meat. Well, since I started eating red meat, it didn't matter if I also ate cheese. So, now I eat everything again."

I wanted to write to him: You simply don't give a fuck about the planet and animals. You desired to eat all that crap because it tastes good, and all the rest of the story is just lousy excuses.

I admit that these kinds of stories make me sad.

How can anyone want an animal, any animal, to be murdered? All animals are godly and beautiful in my eyes. I only kill an animal if it attacks me, and there is no other way to prevent it.

I took this photo several years ago.

Instead, I wrote: "Such a shame."

"Yeah, it was also such a huge effort to be vegan, and stopping made me lose 15 pounds in two months."

Another lie, I thought to myself. Especially in Israel where it's so easy to be vegan.

As for losing weight, here's my vegan body:

Clearly, being vegan does not make you gain weight. Eating crap does. Of course, you can be vegan and overweight, but you can't be non-vegan above the age of 40, or even 30, and have a toned body like mine.

The same is true for Felix. He has been vegan for 7.5 years.

Does he look overweight or tired?

Also, my ass could take a break from his demanding hard cock. He hasn't checked his testosterone level, but judging by how often he wants to make love to my ass, I'm sure his level is sky-high like mine.

I know that most people don't want to be vegan. Either because they don't care about animal suffering or they are too weak to make a change.

I can't tolerate people who are indifferent to suffering and injustice. That is why I don't want to meet Ben ever again. Ben is the sexy soldier who was my fuck buddy until recently when he said something stupid about animal suffering.

But I can tolerate and understand people who admit that it's hard for them to stop paying murderers like dairy/cattle farmers and similar evil creatures.

Changing your life is not easy. While being vegan is very easy, it is a considerable change from what you are used to.

But, please, be honest about it. Don't blame your "healer" for being weak.

"I have a new job, and I'm close to your apartment a few times during the month. I would love to fuck that hot smooth cunt of yours."

I told him that I don't want to because he isn't a vegetarian.

But that was not the real reason.

I don't want him to shoot his seed in my ass, because he's not manly enough to do that. A man, in my eyes, is someone who takes responsibility for his actions and the consequences.

He is not the first guy to call my hole a "cunt."

Perhaps it is like a cunt. After all, face recognition software also identified me as a woman in this photo:

But I'm a real man.

I don't blame others for my faults!

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