We'd chatted twelve years ago, and suddenly we were naked together

I woke up this morning extra horny and eager to get fucked.

My morning boner
My morning boner

I'm usually horny in the morning, but today it was more than unusual.

Why was my hole so demanding this morning?

Felix has been working extra hard for the last couple of days, so I haven't seen him since Saturday.

But what about getting fucked at the beach?

Until 2020, August had been the month when I get fucked the most at the nudist beach (or elsewhere).

This photo is from two years ago taken by a guy that had just fucked me.

Can you see sweet Luka?
Can you see sweet Luka?

The beach used to be packed with so many sexy, naked tourists and hot Israelis coming to enjoy their divine, uncut tools.

I never fly abroad in August. Why should I? At this time of the year, the beach is a beautiful mosaic of all kinds of nationalities, colors, races, cocks, and languages.

In August, the Mediterranean (in Israel) is also perfect.

Celebrating August at the beach last week
Celebrating August at the beach last week

Why is it so perfect?

The main reason: the jellyfish have gone.

I admire their beauty but am afraid of their sting!
I admire their beauty but am afraid of their sting!

Here are some more reasons for August being a perfect month at the beach:

  • The tide is minor

  • The sea is calm; sometimes, there are no waves at all

  • The water temperature is perfect

  • And there's barely any wind

This year, except for the missing tourists (due to Covid-19), it's once again perfect. Sadly, since there are no tourists, there are also very few Israelis.

Why is that?

The nudist beach is quite remote and lacks facilities.

There are no lifeguards, toilets, or any other conveniences!
There are no lifeguards, toilets, or any other conveniences!

Israeli gays know that there's little chance of getting laid at this beach this summer, so most of them prefer not to make an effort.

It's a shame because it's such a beautiful beach with lovely wildlife

An afternoon snack for a crab.
An afternoon snack for a crab.

That's why I still prefer to go there, even though there's a lesser chance of getting laid (although I was lucky enough to be the center of attention while having sex with three guys two weeks ago).

And also, of course, because I enjoy being naked, especially outdoors.

I was sitting in a 2000-year-old olive oil factory.
I was sitting in a 2000-year-old olive oil factory.

With Felix working late and the beach not providing me with any potential breeders I've found myself wanking quite often.

Here's a demonstration of me enjoying my thick cock

Wanking is fun, but it doesn't satisfy my desire to get fucked and get used by a thick cock.

Having said all that, I did have a chance to get fucked by three tops during this week.

One of them was a hairy guy in his late 50s named Oded.

He'd passed me 30 minutes before sunset and looked deep into my eyes. I didn't recognize him but nevertheless smiled at him. At that moment, I was talking with a young guy who wanted my ass, but I wasn't attracted to him.

Regardless, it was still a lovely chat. While chatting, we held each other's testicles. It was fun playing with his cum-loaded balls.

After the young guy had left, I wanted to take a quick nap. I saw Oded coming back but figured that, if he liked my ass, he would return.

I lay down and let the sun kiss my ass while fantasizing about Oded doing it.

I fell asleep right away.
I fell asleep right away.

On waking up, I noticed that Oded was sitting close to me. He positioned himself so he could see my naked body.

Oddly enough, he was still wearing clothes. He wasn't even shirtless!

I looked back at him and tried to figure out why I found him attractive.

He was of regular build, seemed a bit hairy, and I liked his face. I had a feeling his cock would be quite thick and that made me horny!

He noticed that I'd woken up so came over and said: "You probably don't remember me, but, 12 years ago, we chatted quite a bit using a dating application."

I didn't remember him at all.

Twelve years is a long time in a bottom's life, and I talk with many people daily. Not to mention that I've slept with so many guys since then.

"I'm sorry, but I honestly don't remember you. Are you sure it was me?"

"I'm absolutely sure. You haven’t changed one bit, and I've never met a guy whose sexy ass has such prominent ass dimples. It's either you or your gay twin brother."

It was a lie but a sweet one.

Except for the dimples, that part was true.

My "dimples of Venus" are unusually profound.
My "dimples of Venus" are unusually profound.

Why was the rest a lie?

Here's a photo of me from 12 years ago, returning from the nudist beach.

The guy I'd been dating took this photo.
The guy I'd been dating took this photo.

I've changed a lot since then. At least my hole has learnt many new tricks in the meantime.

Nevertheless, it was sweet of him to say I hadn’t changed, and it also increased his chances of pouring his seed inside my ass!

I laughed in response, "You are sweet. Care to join me?"

"I was hoping that you'd say that," he replied, sat down, but kept his clothes on.

We talked some more, and he gave me more details about our chat history. He knew my name, where I live, and many other details. So, we had chatted before, and I must have made an impression on him.

"Why didn't we fuck?" I asked.

"We lived far away from each other, and I was already dating someone. Eventually, he became my partner. You and I stayed in touch for a few more months, but I was already committed to him."

Well, at least it was a happy outcome, even if my ass didn't enjoy it.

I changed the subject, "Do you come here often?"

"This is my second time," he smiled. "I broke up with my partner a month ago. We were monogamous, and this beach is like an open-air bathhouse. I always wanted to check it out, but my partner didn't allow it."

"I can't imagine getting fucked by the same cock for 12 years," I told him.

Felix's cock is so beautiful, but I want to enjoy other penises as well.
Felix's cock is so beautiful, but I want to enjoy other penises as well.

Oded sighed: "During the last three years, we didn't fuck at all, but he still insisted on monogamy. That's why we eventually broke up."

I must have made a facial expression of disbelief because Oded repeated what he'd just said: "Yes, I didn't fuck anyone other than my ex during the last 12 years ago and the last time was three years ago."

Monogamy sounds cruel and unfair to me. However, being monogamous and not having sex with your partner is insanity!

I can't imagine not getting fucked for three years. Three days is challenging enough!

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It was time for some recent numbers.

"How many guys have you had sex with since you broke up with your partner a month ago?" I asked.

He shrugged: "Just two. I masturbated with the first and got a lovely blowjob from the second."

After saying that, he started caressing my left ass cheek and pinched my left nipple a few times. I was already semi-hard from the exciting notion of being his first, new bottom after so many years.

However, sitting naked and aroused next to him felt weird because he was still fully clothed.

I stood up so he could admire my semi-hard cock.

I wanted to see how big his cock was!
I wanted to see how big his cock was!

"Not only your ass but your cock is also impressive," Oded said. "I can't believe that you're standing naked next to me, after all our long, erotic conversations! This is like a dream come true!"

As far as I was concerned, the time for dreaming was over.

It was the time for fucking!

Therefore, I said: "Let's take a dip."

"I don't have a swimsuit," Oded said.

I laughed. "Do you see me wearing one?"

He looked left and right, trying to figure out if anyone might see him naked. I had no patience for convincing him to join me.

"Are you coming?" I asked and started walking towards the water. I strategically bent twice to tease him with my smooth fuck hole.

After seeing my horny ass's invitation, he forgot about his inhibitions. He stripped naked immediately and ran towards my hole while his thick cock was flapping up and down.

And it was such a beautiful tool!

When he reached me, his cock was erect. It wasn't as big as mine, but it was thicker.

I also liked his bush and hairy chest. His body type wasn't precisely what I'm attracted to. However, the idea of getting fucked by a guy that I’d talked with 12 years ago was making me horny, not to mention the idea of being his first bottom after such a long time!

"It would make a great story for the blog," I thought. "Maybe I'll name it. 'He waited 12 years to fuck me.' "

I didn't have much time to think about the blog because Oded didn't waste any time. He immediately grabbed my ass and pressed his hard cock against my smooth crack.

We both moaned loudly.

I moaned because when a hard, demanding cock is pressed against my crack, it makes me super horny and eager to serve it.

As for Oded, he moaned because he was about to fuck a new bottom after so many years.

Then he tried to finger me but did it quite aggressively.

It was quite painful.

"Slow down!" I said. "You need to have patience and use spit. You can't push a dry finger inside my ass."

Generally speaking, I only allow tops I trust to finger me.

I know how to finger myself very quickly and need only a little bit of spit.

I love to play, finger, and touch my love hole.
I love to play, finger, and touch my love hole.

However, I don't want to risk a cut or injury when it comes to getting fingered by another man. Fingering an ass is not like fucking.

Sometimes, it's much easier to shove a thick penis into my love tunnel than a finger. An overgrown, sharp nail might cause pain and bleeding.

Most tops are not aware of this risk!

Oded was hugging me from behind and was trying frantically to find my tight hole. I wasn't surprised that he was having trouble shoving his beautiful cock inside my ass.

My hole can be a bit challenging at first.

It's tight and not round.
It's tight and not round.

Occasionally, I even need to help my boyfriend, Felix, to find the right angle to push his massive cock inside my hungry ass.

So I wasn't surprised that it was challenging for Oded to fuck me. But I was alarmed since he was doing it all wrong.

What was wrong with the way he tried to take ownership of my ass?

  • I don't like to get fucked without foreplay.

  • Oded was using spit as lube. Did he really think I could take his extra thick cock without lube?

  • He was trying to use force to push his penis inside me.

I decided that we should start really slowly.

Clearly, Oded was clueless, but I still eager for his thick cock.

I've been fucked by virgins or inexperienced guys like him many times before. Oded was no virgin, but it seemed that he'd forgotten how to seduce and fuck a man.

"Let get outside of the water," I suggested.

We walked out; he was still hugging me from behind.

"Lie down," he told me.

I was a bit nervous about his request. Having my hole opened when I lie on my stomach is somewhat challenging.

Especially by an inexperienced thick tool like Oded's. I suspected he would cause me much pain. The ideal starting position would have been to ride his cock.

"On my stomach?" I asked.

"No, on your back."

At first, I lay like this because I wanted to understand what his next move would be.

Something about Oded made me nervous.
Something about Oded made me nervous.

Oded got closer and played with my cum hole and balls while I sucked his cock. After a few minutes of mutual pleasure, he pushed me backward.

His cock was at its full size and very thick. I could tell that he was eager to fuck and breed me.

Oded pushed my legs back and examined my hole.

I was ready for his thick cock
I was ready for his thick cock

"You've never sent me a photo of your hole. It's one of the most beautiful I've ever seen."

His words were music to my ears. In response, I caressed his balls and pressed the tip of his cock precisely to my opening.

"Should I get the lube?" I asked him.

"Not yet," Oded said. "I want to admire this beautiful part of your sexy body before I fuck it."

Oded came on top of me while my legs were still pushed back. He started playing with my horny hole with one hand and, with the other, pinched my nipples.

His hard cock was pressed to mine.

Things were going quite well, even though he was still a bit too aggressive for my taste. I had to tell him a few times to be gentler with my sensitive nipples.

Then he tried to kiss me.

I wouldn't call it kissing because he bit my lower lip quite hard.

"Ouch, What are you doing?" I yelled in pain and pushed him away.

"Sorry, I'm so sorry; I didn't mean to do that!"

I love sex and getting fucked; however, one of the things that I never tolerate is pain and bad kissers.

And Oded failed on both accounts.

My reasoning is simple: If a man causes me so much pain just from kissing, I'm not going to let his thick cock get near my very delicate love hole.

I stood up and returned to my backpack.

"I think I'm going to take a few photos," I told him. "The sunset is going to be stunning this afternoon!"

My lower lip was still very sore, and my cock was small and frightened.

I lost all interest in Oded.
I lost all interest in Oded.

While reaching for my camera, I had to bend over. Oded used it as an excuse to try touching my hole.

I pushed his hand aside. What was his thinking?

"We're done here!" I said, adding in French "C’est tout," which means "It's over".

It was an awkward situation. Oded was still horny and naked. His red cock was still semi-hard, but he had to dress and leave.

"I've had a lot of fun," he said before leaving.

"Take care," I replied.

The sunset was indeed incredible that afternoon.

The beach in August - so beautiful!
The beach in August - so beautiful!

My lower lip was still sore when I got home.

I was so pissed off!
I was so pissed off!

I checked my lower lip in the mirror and noticed his bite mark. I wasn't bleeding, but I put some cream on it.

In my book of sexual horrors, bad kissers are present quite often. But there are other sexual crimes.

More about those in another blog post!

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