A Love Note

This morning I got this sensual love note.

It was so beautiful that I wanted to share it with you. The way he describes making love to my ass and how he wants us to be after his love juices are deep inside of me, made me feel warm and happy.

Simply Beautiful.

Here it is:

Dearest Theon,

I lovingly send you hugs and kisses for sharing your blog with me. I was visually IN LOVE with you before reading your beautiful captions and sharing your meeting with Mr. yoga...now you have me as a captive.

-- He is referring to this post


I salivate with great delight each time you've exposed your 'love hole.' I am so very sexually hard for you right now and desperately want to love you sensually and physically, as I begin to enter you with my 7.5 cut cock. I am riding you feverishly and crave you turning around to me, allowing me to suck juices from your pulsing nipples.

I fuck bareback, and my eyes are closed now, envisioning you in all your nakedness in the pics that have me lusting for you. I am building up my heated cock to shoot into your ass as I prepare to explode my loving load into you....one moment now...WOW, I am all over you and emptying into you.

His writing implies making love to my ass in this position

I see my cum dripping out of you, and all I want is my tongue to lick it all and then to have our mouths open to exchange the love I've emptied into you...

You are my loving and oh so sexual man.

You have mesmerized me totally, and I wish to be together with you again and again with our naked bodies hungry for each other. May I remain with you tonight naked in your bed and holding you in my arms and deeply tonguing you and moaning our pleasure.

Allow me to kiss your eyelids gently and wish our bodies to float along with the angels who have guided us in our destiny.


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