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    A "Hunky Bloke"

    "Stay strong and go find yourself a hunky bloke and let him fuck your worries away."

    That's the message I received yesterday from a guy who read my post about how I cried during the last weekend.


    I should have thought about his idea myself.

    I did get a "hunky bloke" to make love to my ass last night. I also made him beg to shoot his load inside of me.

    We were fucking for quite some time.

    First, I rode his cock both facing him and with my back turned to him. I did that so he could play with my ass at the same time. Afterward, he fucked me in doggie for a long time, all the while spanking me with no remorse.

    He pushed me down from doggie and kept fucking me while I was on my stomch, legs spread, just like in this photo

    One of the positions in which he made love to my ass

    Eventually, I ended up with my legs on his broad shoulders, and he ended up with his big cock buried deep in my smooth oven.

    I told him to stop moving. I played with his big hairy balls, then reached further to his overly hairy hole.

    He tightened his ass as he did before, signaling it was a no entry hole.

    Still, he enjoyed my gentle touch all over that area. I did not push my fingers inside. Instead, I pressed down on his cute button-shaped love hole. He moaned aloud when I did that.

    Then I started playing with the base of his cock (the rest was buried deep inside of me). While doing so, I tighten my grip on his ready to explode monster using my ass muscles.

    "I can't go on, please let me cum inside of you."

    "Say that you like my ass."

    "I love your ass; you have the best ass, I want to breed you."

    "Beg to shoot your load in me, tell me why I should let you."

    "Because it will make you feel so good and I don't want to take my cock out, it's so hot and soft inside."

    I was fooling with him; I planned all along to have him breed me.

    I kept playing with his nuts, he kept moaning, and his cock kept growing inside of me. I could feel my tunnel stretching.

    "I can't go on. If you keep touching my balls like that, I will shoot."

    I did not say a word; I just kept massaging his balls gently.

    Then I started pulling his beautiful balls down, increasing my pressure and my demand for his juice that he kept there for me.

    He kept moaning, first softly then louder and louder then he screamed and started fucking me hard, and I felt his fantastic cum shots hitting my insides.

    He was still holding my legs up, sweating and breathing heavily for another minute or so. I knew that I gave him a fabulous orgasm. He wanted to prolong the feeling of his cock inside my oven-hot ass. I could tell he was going soft inside. That was such a sweet relaxing feeling.

    Then with a final yell, he pulled his cock out.

    "Feed me your cum; it's leaking out of my open hole."

    He fingered me and got the rest of the cum that was leaking out and then rubbed it all over my face. I licked his fingers with great joy.

    Now it was my turn to explode. But I needed his cock again.

    He went soft quickly so he could no longer fuck me.

    Instead, I sucked the last drops out of his cock. It felt great doing so while shooting my load all over my face and upper body.

    I needed last night's fuck so badly. Now I had cum all over my upper body and still a bit left inside my ass. It was incredible.

    "Stay strong and go find yourself a hunky bloke and let him fuck your worries away."

    I still have some worries, so I will go later to the nude beach and hopefully find at least another guy to make them go away.

    Happy Monday,


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