"A Hunky Bloke"

"God, you fuck me good."

That's what I moaned while Felix was deep inside my muscular ass during Passover eve. You can hear the recording of our lovemaking below.

I was not expecting Felix to fuck me at all during that night.


More about it below.

Felix left for his apartment a short while ago, after we'd spent two beautiful days together and celebrated the night of Passover.

One of the dishes: Creamy vegan rice with wild mushrooms

I've had very little time to answer emails or messages that a lot of you have sent me. I do apologize for that. 

I got an overwhelming number of supportive responses to my post:

"You Look Old"

Here's one just from today:

"With regard to some of the comments you receive, some people can be so ignorant and down right nasty. They should be stripped naked and made to walk down the streets with their hands tied behind them !!! You Sir are a breath of fresh air and make some of us think about our inhibitions - You look fabulous naked and certainly make my genitals tingle. Stay happy, uninhibited and an inspiration to the more thinking of us - Lot of love"

I can't express in words how happy these kinds of messages make me.

I haven't had any nasty messages during the last two days, but I know that there’ll be more before long. When they arrive, I will reread this beautiful message (and others) to put things back in perspective.

So, thank you, all of you. 

What was spending time with Felix like?

Felix is adorable and so sweet. He organized the Passover table when he saw that I was sad about not celebrating with my parents this year.

His only two drawbacks are that he would not lick my love hole nor spank me. 

Except for that, he is an angel. 

Felix got me a surprise gift for Passover that he named "an early birthday present."

If you have been following, then you know that Felix is a handyman. I already wrote how he fixed my treadmill in this blog post:

Naked @ a Wine Factory

Felix does impressive things with wood, and he has a professional lathe in his apartment. He also has a ton of other tools that I don't understand. The only tool that I understand in his apartment is the massive one between his muscular legs.

Felix's tool

My dad gave him a piece of wood from a broken chair, and Felix has turned it into a beautiful shelf.

My "early birthday present"

What can I say?

I have a boyfriend that knows how to make shelves, fix my treadmill, cook tasty vegan food, clean my rooftop jacuzzi and fuck me like four horses until his sweet cum leaks out of my satisfied ass.

Who cares if he does not want to lick my love hole?

I hate cleaning my rooftop jacuzzi, and yet, it's something that I need to do twice a year when I replace the water. I tend to postpone it as long as possible. 

Last night, after Felix had filled my ass with his love juices in my rooftop jacuzzi, he noticed how much foam was all over us.

The foam means that the jacuzzi needs cleaning

"Theon, you should change the water, and have your jacuzzi cleaned."

"It's not foam; It's your cum," I told him, "It leaked out of my ass, there was so much of it."

"That's cute, but no. Besides, if anything, it's your cum because you shoot so much more cum than I do. In any case, tomorrow, I will help you clean the jacuzzi before I leave."

Today, we tried doing it together, but Felix was getting irritated about how slow I was. At a certain point, he told me: "Honey, why don't you go & make our breakfast, and leave me to finish up here."

Did I mention he's an angel?

The way his hard cock fucked me for nearly an hour on Passover eve had proven beyond doubt that he also has angelic powers.

Of course, he is not the first man to fuck me for such a long time; the difference was that he was able to fuck me like that after Passover dinner.

Why did it make such a difference?

During the meal of Passover, the tradition is to drink four cups of wine. Four cups of wine are a lot, and I don't expect any guy to be able to have a hard-on after that. 

Alcohol is an erection killer; all men know that. 

When we went to bed, I stripped off (I always sleep naked). Felix came to bed in his underwear, took it off, and stood behind me. He was holding the lube in his right hand and smiling.

He first kissed me and then started caressing my ass and my sensitive hole, and with the result that I started moaning right away. I did not get hard, though, because I'd too much to drink.

Felix had drunk more wine than me. 

"You can't be serious.", I told him when he stopped lovingly touching my hole. "You've had so much wine. You will never get hard enough to penetrate my tight hole."

Felix laughed.

"Not hard enough? Why don't you feel my cock.'

I reached back.

He was rock hard; I'd say even extra hard and very thick.

"Theon, you underestimate how sexy and fuckable your ass is. No top can resist your ass when you are naked."

Then he hugged me from behind, and I felt his enthusiastic breeding tool pressed against my crack and his hairy balls that felt so sweet against my legs.

I was drunk, but I can never resist a massive hard cock sliding up and down my crack.

I asked Felix to lube my love hole, and, in no time, his massive cock was pushing its way inside my tight warm ass.

Here are the first two minutes of our passionate lovemaking. You can hear how quickly I can take a massive cock in me 😜

Felix did not cream my ass that night. At a certain point, he became more of a bottom (that must have been because of the wine!) and pulled out just when I was expecting a flood of cum in my ass. 

How it happened is a story for another blog post.

I want to share with you a different lovemaking experience. I wrote the following story in July, and I named it: "A Hunky Bloke." 

This sex date took place after nasty comments I'd had during that week. History, it seems, repeats itself.

Andit made terribly moody.

I even cried.

I shared my emotions with a good friend of mine at the nudist beach, and he told me:

"Stay strong and go find yourself a hunky bloke and let him fuck your bad feelings away."

And here's the story of how a hunky bloke creamed my ass and made me feel good:

"A Hunky Bloke"


"Stay strong and go find yourself a hunky bloke and let him fuck your bad feelings away."

I did get a "hunky bloke" to make love to my ass last night. I also made him beg to shoot his load inside me.

We were fucking for quite some time.

First, I rode his cock, both facing him and with my back turned to him. I did that so he could play with my ass at the same time. Afterwards, he fucked me in doggie for a long time, all the while spanking me with no remorse.

He pushed me down from doggie and kept fucking me while I was on my stomach, legs spread, just like in this photo.

Finally, I ended up with my legs on his broad shoulders, and he ended up with his terrific thick cock buried deep in my smooth oven.

I told him to stop moving. I played with his low hanging hairy balls, then reached further to his overly hairy hole.

He tightened his ass, signaling it was a no-entry hole.

Still, he enjoyed my gentle touch all over that area. I did not push my fingers inside. Instead, I pressed down on his very warm opening. 

He moaned aloud when I did that.

Then I started playing with the base of his cock (the rest was buried deep inside me). While doing so, I tighten my grip on his ready-to-explode monster using my ass muscles.

"Theon, I can't go on, please let me cum inside you."

"Say that you like my ass."

"I love your ass; you have the best ass, I want to breed you."

"Beg to shoot your load in me. Tell me why I should let you."

"Because it will make you feel so good and I don't want to take my cock out. It's so hot and soft inside you. It's such a terrific feeling."

I was fooling with him; I'd planned all along to have him breed me.

I kept playing with his nuts, he kept moaning, and his cock kept growing inside me.  I could feel my tunnel of love stretching.

"I can't go on. If you keep touching my balls like that, I will dump my cum inside you."

I did not say a word; I just kept massaging his balls gently.

Then I started pulling his beautiful balls down, increasing my pressure and my demand for his man juice that he kept there for me.

He kept moaning, first softly, then louder and louder, then he screamed and started fucking me hard, and I felt his fantastic cum shots hitting my insides.

He was still holding my legs up, sweating and breathing heavily for another minute or so. I knew that I'd given him a fabulous orgasm. He wanted to prolong the feeling of his cock inside my oven-hot ass.

I could tell he was going soft inside me. 

That was such a sweet relaxing feeling for both of us.

Then with a final yell, he pulled his cock out, pulling with it so much cum. 

"Feed me your cum; it's leaking out of my open hole."

He pressed his hand to my open hole, and I pushed some of the cum out. Then he rubbed it all over my face. I licked his fingers with great joy.

Now it was my turn to explode. But I needed his cock again.

He'd gone soft quickly so he could no longer fuck me. I asked him to bring his soft cock to my mouth. 

I sucked the last drops out of it and used his cum as lube to finish myself off. It felt great sucking his soft cock while getting ready to shoot my load all over my face and upper body. 

When I felt my orgasm approaching,  I left his cock but kept it dangling next to my face. I held it with my left hand. I did that because I couldn't hold off my screams.

In the end, I had cum all over my upper body, more leaking out of my ass and a sweet taste of cum in my mouth. 

It was incredible.

And what about my bad mood?

My friend knows me very well:

Having "A hunky bloke" fill my ass with his delicious warm DNA was just what I'd needed to forget about my bad mood!


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