"A Hunky Bloke"

"God, you fuck me good."

That's what I moaned while Felix was deep inside my muscular ass during Passover eve. You can hear the recording of our lovemaking below.

I was not expecting Felix to fuck me at all during that night.


More about it below.

Felix left for his apartment a short while ago, after we'd spent two beautiful days together and celebrated the night of Passover.

One of the dishes: Creamy vegan rice with wild mushrooms

I've had very little time to answer emails or messages that a lot of you have sent me. I do apologize for that. 

I got an overwhelming number of supportive responses to my post:

"You Look Old"

Here's one just from today:

"With regard to some of the comments you receive, some people can be so ignorant and down right nasty. They should be stripped naked and made to walk down the streets with their hands tied behind them !!! You Sir are a breath of fresh air and make some of us think about our inhibitions - You look fabulous naked and certainly make my genitals tingle. Stay happy, uninhibited and an inspiration to the more thinking of us - Lot of love"

I can't express in words how happy these kinds of messages make me.

I haven't had any nasty messages during the last two days, but I know that there’ll be more before long. When they arrive, I will reread this beautiful message (and others) to put things back in perspective.

So, thank you, all of you. 

What was spending time with Felix like?

Felix is adorable and so sweet. He organized the Passover table when he saw that I was sad about not celebrating with my parents this year.

His only two drawbacks are that he would not lick my love hole nor spank me. 

Except for that, he is an angel. 

Felix got me a surprise gift for Passover that he named "an early birthday present."

If you have been following, then you know that Felix is a handyman. I already wrote how he fixed my treadmill in this blog post: