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    A Hard "Problem"

    During the last couple of days, I have had so many emails and messages from followers of my blog. It's so nice to connect with so many people worldwide.

    However, one of them has proven to be very special:

    A 24 years old wonderful cute guy from Germany with whom I have been chatting for the last two days.

    He is in the closet, curious, smart, questioning, sensitive, and beautiful.

    He has a way with words that makes me very horny. It has to do with the marvelous connection that we have apart from his looks.

    I am chatting with me right now. We are both naked in bed, albeit several thousands of miles apart.

    Now, if there was a way to get his magnificent uncut cock in my ass right now, and his beautiful lips pressed against mine, life could not have been better.

    Alas, there is not.

    I think I better take care of my hard "problem" before I fall asleep.

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