A Good Samaritan? - Part I

"Did we do it?"

I observed with great interest the shape of Dor's thick cock through the white sheets that covered it when he asked me this question. I could see that he had morning boner, and the wet spot indicated some precum.

A few hours later, I observed with great interest a group of pilgrims from Texas as they were baptized in the Jordan River. A white sheet also covered their bodies, but I could not see any erotic details.

I seriously doubted that any one of them was hard or leaking cum. The pilgrims were experiencing spiritual excitement, unlike mine, which most mostly physical.

It was a group of 15 people, all dressed in white sheets, as you can see in these photos.

The man on the left is the pastor, and these two were most likely, a father and his son.

So far, there has not been a drop of rain in Israel. The Jordan river looked muddy and shallow. According to them, the water was cold as well.

For them, it was an incredible moment. The other members of the group were singing and clapping their hands after each pilgrim was baptized.

The name of this place is "Qasr al-Yahud" or "Castle of the Jews." You can read more about it here:


The rope in the middle is the border between Israel and Jordan.

I swam naked in a similar place in the Jordan River, two years ago. This place is 100 miles north.

I was baptized on Friday night.

It was a different kind of baptism.

Dor, my best friend, baptized my naked body in the outdoor jacuzzi overlooking the desert of Judea. We stayed at a B&B for one night at what the self-hating Jew - Berny Sanders, describes as "an illegal settlement."

It all started last week when we hiked with a group of people from Jerusalem to Jericho. I wrote about our hike here:


You can read the above link to learn more about Dor's and my sexual past and how we got to know each other.

While hiking Dor told me: "It would be so nice to spend a night in this area. This part of Israel is so beautiful."

When he said that, it came to my mind that he celebrated his 40th a few months ago, and because he was in India, we never celebrated it appropriately.

I never spent a night with him alone in a B&B, but I thought it would be an excellent idea. We are best friends, and we have been intimate in a "friendly" way without anything happening between us for many years.

He fucked me many times, but since 2014 or so, we became best friends, and he stopped visiting my ass.

Last week, before the hike, we slept naked together in my bed because we had to wake at 4:15 AM. At the beach, we are always naked next to each other, and sometimes we give each other gentle erotic/friendly massages.

I also planned to pay for his share at the B&B, as a present for his birthday. The plan was to organize the day: meals, hikes, planning, and the like. I was going to make it a surprise for him.

Looking back, maybe I planned it all along: for me to drink his cum again after 5+ years since the last time we fucked.

Dor always said that he wants his future partner to have a huge cock.

Dor's former "love of his life" indeed fitted that description. I know because his monstrous cock has made love to my ass many times (and I have seen him naked countless times at the beach).

My cock is not huge, and I'm a total bottom (Dor is vers).

So, I would not be the right life partner for him.

However, we were terrific together in bed in the past, and while I did not think he will cream my ass this weekend, I was toying with the idea of us shooting our load together, at least.

You know: two guys masturbating together, perhaps shooting their load on each other.

I longed to see his cock erupts or feel in my mouth his fountain of thick cum. It is such a beautiful feeling, and since he is also vegan, his cum has an excellent taste. The cum of a nonvegan has a foul taste and awful smell; I never let a nonvegan cum in my mouth.

We came back from dinner at Jerusalem and went naked into the outdoor jacuzzi. The night was cold, but I started getting hard when I watched Dor walking naked to the jacuzzi with his big cock dangling between his legs.

We already smoked some weed, so we were quite happy, and I lost my boundaries (which, as you know, are very few). Now, after seeing Dor naked, I was suddenly very horny. I wanted to hold his thick cock, play with his big balls, lick his hairy hole, and serve him until his cock erupts in my mouth.

I watched him slowly immersing his beautiful body. Inch by inch, his relatively smooth sexy ass went into the bubbles.

"Come on, get your sexy ass over here. What are you waiting for? This is great!"

I brought over a bottle of cold white wine but no glasses. I was determined to make it more than "great"

I wanted it to be amazing.

"Did we do it?"

I observed with great interest the shape of Dor's thick cock through the sheets when he asked me this question. I could see that he had morning boner, and the wet spot indicated some precum. Dor was slowly waking up the morning after. I was already awakened and had taken Luka on a short walk.

I was having my morning coffee. I guess the strong smell has awakened Dor up.

"You mean, did you fuck me until you creamed my ass?"

"Well, yeah, that too, I just remember us kissing in the Jacuzzi, you licking my hole in the bed and then giving me a blow job."

That was a brief description lacking lots of details of how we made love. I will write about the rest perhaps in another post. Dor apparently forgot the part of him shooting loads of thick cum in my mouth and me shooting all over his face and upper body.

Honestly, I also forgot most of the details.

We were both smashed last night. But I was not that drunk to forget fingering myself with his thick cum, then moaning and shouting when I felt his sticky cock pressed to my smooth hole after so many years.

"Do you want to retake a Jacuzzi dip?" I asked him

"I don't know; I might end up with you licking my hole again."

I threw a couch pillow at him.

"Was it that bad? You ungrateful bastard."

Dor was starting to wake up and get back to being funny and cute: "No, it was terrific. It's just that such a long time has passed since you buried your face in my ass."

"And it was as much time since your buried your big cock in mine."

Dor stood up, naked, hard, and dripping morning cum. His big cock was so teasing, but I was now too sober to do something.

He waved his hard cock at me: "So, slut, did I fuck you?"

I threw another pillow at him:

"It takes one to know one, and don't you think that if you had fucked me, you would have remembered it?"

He yawned.

"I need to take a shower to sober up. These are far too many questions before coffee."

"Don't wank, if you do, I will come in and perhaps force you to fuck me! Who knows? Maybe for the second time."

Dor squeezed his hard cock, forcing more precum out, then he licked it off his fingers.

"I will leave the door open for you, so you can see for yourself and decide. And sweetie, I know I did not fuck your gorgeous ass. No one can forget such an amazing experience, no matter how drunk he was"

Now you see why I love this guy so much?