A Dreamy Morning

"I was lying in bed, satisfied and happy.

My ass was full of his hot cum shots and I had watched his hairy sexy body as he was taking a shower with the door open.

His beautiful big cock was dangling between his legs and the hot water running all over his beautiful body."

Today it has been nine days since my sex date with Ronen and precisely a week since I have met my 18 years old fuck buddy in the evening.

I was waking up dreaming I was with one of them again. When I have awoken from my dream, my cock was rock hard and dripping cum.

But who was I dreaming about, and to whom does this opening refer to?

The experienced bisexual man in his forties?

Or the young Adonis who has been fucking me since he was 16.5 years old?

Of course, the young Adonis, he is a terrific lover.

You can find the story about Ronen in the following link:

Back to Life

This photo of Luka and me was taken at the gay nude beach by a guy I was with (after we were done). The reason I am not naked is that I needed a photo I can share with my family.

Me and Luka both wish you a beautiful weekend.

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