A cum rug?

"Theon, please, let me come over and shoot cum on your face. If you insist, I will shoot on your beautiful cunt."

This terrific cock (the right one) fucked me for over an hour in all possible positions (Doggie, on my stomach, riding him, riding him backward, on my side, legs on his shoulders and standing).

This frame from the video was during the last part when he fucked me while I was standing and holding my bed frame.

He pulled his cock out of my wide open ass because he wanted to see his cum shooting over my body.

But it does not belong to the guy who sent me the above message.

More about this odd request below.

First, I wanted to wish my American followers a "Happy Thanksgiving." I know Thanksgiving means that it is the start of the Holiday Season. A time to reunite with family and friends.

I love the holiday season in Israel.

We have two major holiday seasons.

Our calendar is lunar, so it does not have the same months as yours. Roughly speaking, though, the first holiday season is New Years, which is around September. This holiday season lasts for a month. We celebrate four significant holidays during this time.

The second holiday season starts around April, and it lasts for 50 days.

I got a lovely message from one of my followers yesterday:

"It's Thanksgiving Day here. Today we are supposed to give thanks for things in our lives. I give thanks today that I met you! Not often do I meet such a sweet, sincere, honest, and sexy man!"

He warmed my heart (and my balls).

He also reminded me that I also need to say thanks for things in my life.

Of course, to all my followers of my blog. Most of my followers are quiet, which works just great. I can't see myself answering hundreds of messages every day.

But I have met some beautiful people by having my blog, and this entire experience is incredible. So thank you, my followers, of all types, for your support, messages, and feedback.

It means a lot to me.

But there is more.