2 Cocks & 1 Breakup

I'm sorry for not being responsive during the last couple of days as far as chat messages and comments.

I am a little bit shocked after my masseur told me three days ago that he will not be seeing me again.

I did see it coming; I will write more about it soon.

I guess after the last time where he was the most intimate with me (he once again touched my hard cock), he got scared or whatever it was

I need to sit down and think about it. I can't deny the fact that I am hurt; it feels a bit like a breakup. In other words, it does not feel all that good.

This photo is from the nude beach today. The blood sunset fitted nicely to my mood.

This gloomy sunset fitted nicely to my mood

I was approached directly by two guys for sex (indirectly by some others). The first one was standing next to me, and while we were talking, I noticed that his cock that was not even hard was leaking massive amounts of precum.

I did not want to ignore it; I felt that it would be a bit rude. So I said, "The jellyfish have not arrived yet, but a waterfall of your precum is here."

"I know, I am dying to fuck and breed you, I love your ass."

Sadly he was so not my type. Usually, when I see a cock that precums, I turn into a slut bottom, but not this time.

The second guy did not bother to talk to me. He shortly came after "precum guy" left. He sat not too far away from me and proudly waved his massive cock at me.

He had a terrific cock. One that makes my ass sing days after being fucked by such a beauty.

Sadly, again, the rest of him was not my type.

After 10 minutes of waving his huge cock at me, he understood that he would not be fucking me anytime soon and left.

I was finally left alone, which was a good thing because:

a) I wanted to be alone with my thoughts and

b) I wanted to shoot my load while thinking of my masseur playing with my balls and gently touching my ass like he used to

When I have my thoughts clear about this whole "break up," I will write more about it. Right now, it just hurts, and I miss him.

I still get messages from him that he loves me and that I mean so much to him, but that makes it worse.

I truly miss him.

It took me a while, but eventually, I wrote about it. You can read about how our connection ended here:

I Love you

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