What is the added "G" in "USA"?

About a week ago, I posted this photo in color. In this photo, I was taking a cold shower on my roof terrace after working out. The post was about my thought while I was running on my treadmill.

I love taking a shower on my roof terrace

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Yesterday at the beach, I was alone.

No one licked my love hole; I did not push my fingers into another guy's ass. No one spanked me or fucked my face.

Of course, no one made love to my ass in doggie until he shot his cum deep inside of me.

But that was OK. It gave me time to think about many things.

One of these things was three stories about the States that the Israeli media has published this week.

The first one was about another mass shooting, this time in Texas. I don't know what will it take for people in the States to understand that buying guns is not a human right but criminal insanity.

The other story was a translated article from the Atlantic.

The story was about people who receive life-saving treatments in a hospital, for example, bypass surgery. When they are released from the hospital, they realize that they owe tens of thousands of dollars for out of network doctors.

The hospitals don't want to appear greedy. Their solution is to sell the debt to collection agencies.

The last and most horrifying story and the one that was discussed at length in Israeli media was about a 58 years old man who was sent to life in prison without the possibility of parole for stealing 50.75$.

This was done under the three strikes "law."

His crime was as severe as Bernard Madoff's who stole 65,000,000,000$ and was also sent to life in prison.

This is unbelievable.

He spent 36 years in jail and was released a few days ago. Since 2013 stealing 50.75$ would not have sent him to prison for life.

Why did they have to keep him for another six years?

One of the sentences that I remember clearly from "Angels in America" mini-series is the one that Al Pacino is saying. He says it a few times

"Only in America"

Indeed "Only in America"

Only in America people can buy guns as merely as buying books and start shooting other people.

Only in America receiving life-saving treatment at the hospital can ruin your life

Only in America, you can spend a lifetime in jail for stealing 50.75$

So what is the "G" that I started my post with?

I am a sodomite.

I get fucked up my ass quite a lot, and it feels great.

How is this beautiful act of another guy shooting his cum inside my ass related to the city of Sodom?

Me, at the beach yesterday, just thinking

Anal sex is one of the sins that Sodom is connected with.

It is perhaps the most famous one. But, that sin is just one of the reasons why God decided to destroy these two cities.

Sodom and Gomorra were prosperous and wealthy.

Nevertheless, or perhaps because of it, poor people and people who needed aid were mistreated and abused. The wealth and richness of these cities have caused the ruling classes to forget the basic principles of kindness.

A country that sends a poor man to life in prison for stealing 50.75$ without the possibility of parole should be called: USAG

United Sodom and Gomorra

— This post is not against the people who live in America. I think Americans are fantastic. I have many American friends (both Democrats and Republicans).

However, something in the system is not working though. This is what this post is about.

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