"How can you not see it?"

"You work so slow because you have only one eye."

"In the end, things will only look good on your computer."

"The photo you took is awful."

The guy saying these horrible things to me is my co-worker. We work in the same room.

I can't see well with my right eye (and have many more health issues) because the right side of my brain suffered neurological damage last October.

I am 30% disabled.

He did the same thing to me a few months ago and I cried all weekend. My mom came over, and I cried to her. She cried as well.

I swear, if this guy puts me down again tomorrow at work because I'm disabled, I will rip his guts out.

A third of his guts, I will force him to eat raw.

Another third, I will grill, eat, and then puke on him because I'm vegan.

I will use the last third to choke him.

That's how much I hate his guts.

In times like this, I am happy to go back home and hug my sweet girl. In this photo, it was just me and her above the gay beach, bonding together.

Luka will never hurt me, her love is unconditional, and so is mine.

Luka does not care that I'm disabled.

For her, I'm the same loving person I was before 10.30.2018

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