I am not a hateful person.

If you have been following my blog or my profile, you know that I am a loving person. I smile to everyone, and my smile is genuine.

Nevertheless, what you see here is my hateful look.

Why am I full of hate at this moment?

My hateful look

Am I looking at the annoying sexy guy that insisted of sitting close to me even though the beach was almost empty?

Five years ago, I approached him and asked if he is interested in fucking. He was not, and that was OK. I am never offended when someone rejects me.

Sexual rejection is like failing in a job interview. You don't go back to the same company that rejected you unless something dramatic has changed. Besides, I knew that he was still not interested in me.

I packed my things and walked half a mile north, hopefully, he got the clue.

Is my hateful look reserved for the paragliders that kept going down to look at my nudity and disrupt my peaceful time?

Or at the annoying people "walking" on the beach in the hopes of seeing naked men?


They are annoying for sure, but it's a public area. The same way I have the right to be naked there, they have the right to walk at the beach. I hate that they do that, but I don't hate them.

My hate is reserved for the people who ride horses at the beach.

The whole scene would have been laughable had it not been so sad.

Imagine seeing a convey of camels in the Rocky mountains. On the camel's back, there are not Arabs but your average Americans wearing traditional Arab clothing.

Quite a ridiculous sight, ha?

Well, that's how these riders look like.

They are wearing cowboy hats and leather boots, and they ride on the sand and sometimes drive the horses into the water.

They are almost always only men, and you can see by the filthy expression how they enjoy to show their "manhood" by ordering the miserable animals around.

They are all middle-aged. Maybe they are trying to find their youth by this idiotic display of "power."

As for the horses, their agony and distress are evident.

Don't give me the crap that horses want to be ridden.

Yes, we all have heard it before:

Women want their husbands to tell them what to do.

The black slaves were made to serve the white race;

and so on.

Every oppressor makes these arguments. It makes him feel much better if he believes that those under the whip are meant to suffer or are enjoying it.

When I got back to where I parked my car, one of the oppressors was standing next to one of the slaves. He was trying to take a selfie with him.

When I was passing by him, he asked that I take a photo of him and his slave.

"Sorry I can't do that. I don't support animal abuse."

He was shocked.

"Well, you are also abusing your dog."

Cruelty and stupidly always go hand in hand.

Be good, be kind to animals (and of course humans) wherever you can.

Animals are not here to serve us; they are here just for themselves

They want to live and express their unique being.

Just like us


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