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    I want to extend my condolences to my American friends.

    I just woke up and read about the Muslim pilot who opened fire on American soldiers and killed three of them.

    The only thing left to ask is:

    Who was the idiot who thought that bringing a Muslim from the most extreme Muslim country (yes, more than Iran), arming him, and letting him roam an American base freely is a sane act?

    The Nazis that committed the crimes of 9.11 were also Saudis. Has no one learned anything?

    As for the shooter: I detest what he said about Americans and America.

    I have lived long enough and have learned a lot about history.

    America is not worse than any other nation and in most regards, is far better.

    Especially if you consider the crimes and misery that all of the Europeans countries have inflicted upon whole continents up until recently (and some still do).

    As for Americans: like any other group of people, there are some things that I don't like about them and others that I do like.

    Generally speaking, I think Americans are lovely people. I'd trade spending time with any American over spending time with someone from Europe.

    That's me from my latest and last trip to the States (I can no longer fly). It's a happy photo, but I wanted to share how wonderful and peaceful I felt in America to demonstrate what I wrote above about the American people.

    May God bring comfort to the wounded and peace to the families of the victims.


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