9 Inches vs. 10 Pounds?

A little bit over a year ago, I suffered neurological damage to the right side of my brain. I wrote about my frustration and dealing with it in this blog post:


A year+ has passed, and I am finally back to where I was at least in one aspect. I deal with the damage every day. This struggle will stay with me for the rest of my life because the damage has made me 30% disabled.

However, one thing at least is finally gone.

My extra ten pounds.

You see, I had to go through two things after my neurological damage.

The first thing was the medical tests. I went through three months of testing, monitoring, repeated checks, and more.

The point of these tests was mainly to rule out any possible underlying disease that could have been the cause of this catasrophic event at my age (relatively young).

The root cause of what has happened to me is the shape of my skull. Now I know that a sudden drop in blood pressure is a severe risk to my brain, and I am taking precautions to avoid it.

But there could be other possibilities, and my doctor and the neurological specialist wanted to rule these out.

What kind of possibilities?

  • High blood pressure

  • Sleep apnea

  • Heart problems

  • Diabetes

  • Autoimmune diseases

  • MS

and more

All my tests came back perfect.

I took a photo of me doing the 24 hours heart monitoring test. I was so frustrated doing these tests that I tried to put a twist to it. I did not come, though, at that time, I avoided orgasms. I was too afraid of what it might do to my body and especially to my brain.

But how did I gain ten extra pounds?

For two months, I had to take a very high dosage of Prednisone. Prednisone is a steroid, and since I took such a high dosage, it has messed up my entire body.

One of the side effects is that it makes you very hungry.

When I first started taking it, I thought that for me, it would be different. After all, I am this tough guy who can control his body. I can ride a 9-inch cock without a problem, so how can 3.5 pills a day can be such a big problem?

However, my hunger was uncontrollable.

I would eat a full breakfast at 7 AM, and by 9 AM it was as if I did not eat for the last 12 hours. I had to eat to be able to function and do my work.

And the extra pounds started to pile up.

I added 10 pounds to my weight very quickly. My doctor, who has been treating me since 2005, told me: "Yes, I can see that you added weight, but don't worry, it's a known side effect, and you will lose the weight after you stop taking the pills."

He was right.

But it took ten months for my body to finally get back to my original weight.

How was I able to lose 10 pounds?

It was not easy.

The last two pounds were the toughest. It took me nearly three months to lose theses two pounds.

I kept working out and jogging. Three times a week, I jog 7 miles in one hour on my treadmill. I do it at elevation 7 for 40 minutes then 8 for another 20 minutes. It does not only shape a firm muscular ass but also help burn many more calories.

The fact that I am vegan helped a lot.

It is nearly impossible at my age to weigh so little (I'm 6') if you insist on eating dead bodies, dairy, and eggs.

I weigh myself every morning. I started doing it after I gained weight.

Finally, I am back to where I was a year ago: 159 pounds. It has been like this for two weeks without a change. I think I can declare victory, at least in this battle.

And it feels so damn good.

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