I have many female friends.

I always had.

In every significant period of my life, I have had at least three fag hags as they are called — trustworthy female friends with whom I can share everything.

The only thing I don’t share with them is my nudes photos (though I know at least one of them used to peek at my blog). Except for that, I share every intimate detail of my life. Most times, they share with me intimate secrets as well.

For example, when I write about how a guy fucked me and creamed my ass at the nude beach, they already heard about it.

In contrast, almost a years ago, when I was walking home past midnight, after I have been released from the ER with a diagnosis of neurological damage, I called one of them right away. Later on, I cried non stop to her.

My first fag hag was Elinor.

She sent me this photo on Friday morning.

17.5 years old me