8 Disappointing Inches

I was laying on my stomach naked at the beach.

Very close to my ass was a dark 8-inch stunning cock connected to a handsome, lean Yemenite Jew.

On the back of my head, back, and my ass were massive amounts of cum. The cum was leaking into my crack, wetting my smooth hole, and creaming my balls.

This was the second time that this handsome guy shot his load all over me. The first time was on my face and my upper body.

And yet, this was the worst lovemaking of the season, perhaps of the decade even.

Another beautiful non functional cock (more about it below)

I said it many times, my life is not a porn movie, though it may seem like that to some of my readers.

Right, I did write that on Monday it felt that I was taking part in a porn movie when a stud was making love to my ass at the beach.

I wrote about it here:


Yesterday all the pieces were in place.

The pieces that were the classic material for a porn movie:

A very experienced bottom with a muscular smooth ass (me), a handsome virgin top with a massive 8-inch cock (him).

Both of them naked and horny at a remote deserted beautiful beach.

The script would probably place us together by chance.

We would talk, and finally, at sunset, the bottom will show the virgin top how amazing it is to fuck a guy. He would make love to the bottom at least twice, and perhaps they would even end up dating each other.

The first part of the script indeed happened.

Yesterday there were harsh winds at the beach. It was impossible to sit without cover because there was so much sand in the air. It felt awful.

I found some cover behind big rocks.

Then the Yemenite arrived.

He was a tall, lean guy, 44 years old. Quite handsome. We talked for a while, and I invited him over to sit next to me.

"You must find cover behind a rock or go home. It is impossible to be here otherwise."

When he sat down and removed his clothes, he kept his bikini underwear.

"Nice underwear," I told him.

"What kind do you wear?"

"I always wear jocks."

"What's that?"

How can someone not know what jocks are? I thought to myself. I took out my jocks, stood up, and put them on to show him how it looks like.

I always wear jocks, comfortable and making me highly fuckable

"Perfect, it gives your gorgeous ass a nice frame, like it is a wrapped present."

I took them off, making sure to bent while my ass was facing his face so he can get a quick glimpse of my hole. Then I sat back naked next to him and notice that his package has nearly doubled in size.

Now it was apparent that he has a classical Yemenite cock.

What's a classical Yemenite cock?

All the Yemenite cocks that I had the pleasure to play with were always the same: Black, thick, and between big and gigantic.

Besides his big hidden cock that made me start drooling, I admired his body. He was lean with a hairy chest. I liked his face, as well.

We started talking, and we did not stop for nearly two hours.

We had great chemistry going on. I could also tell he was horny because his cock kept growing and shrinking and a prominent precum wet spot was expanding in his bikini.

However, he was a newbie to the gay world.

Until a year ago, he was determined to find a woman to marry.

"I am attracted to women as well, but I miss an intimate connection with a man. I can't have this bond with a woman. Once the sex is over, I don't want to stay with her. I want to be with a guy in my daily life. I especially want us to hug after I fucked him."

"When did you last fucked, someone?" - I asked

"Not yet, I am saving it. I want my first time to be with someone that I like a lot or even love. Someone who is going to be special for me. I want to get to know him before I fuck him."

I felt that I know him enough by now, and the time has arrived for me to start appreciating his cock.

"Let's take a swim."

He removed his underwear with one swoop and his big cock flapped up and down. A silky drop of precum flew in the air. It was breathtaking.

You know me, I love cock.

Rarely do I find a cock that I don't like.

But here was a cock that was sculptured to perfection. The one you fantasize on licking, sucking, touching, and eventually feel it making love to your ass.

He was not hard; in fact, his cock got smaller compared to when it was hidden. It was evident that being naked in a public place with another man was a new experience for him.

We took a quick swim, the wind was blowing hard, and I regretted that I was not blowing him instead. I made sure all the time to walk in front of him, so he sees my ass and wants it.

It worked.

When we walked back to our hideout, he finally touched me, or more precisely my ass.

He put his left hand gently on my right wet ass cheek.

"You have such a beautiful ass."

"Thank you; your cock is a real beauty, a rare one."

"You think so?!"

"I know."

"Have you been with many guys?"

I felt that we better sit down before I tell him. This guy was so naive. I told him about a few of my last sexual encounters.

"Man, you do get fucked a lot."

"Compared to you, I'm a world-class hooker, but you almost have no sex, so you can't compare us."

"Don't you want to find someone special? Are you not looking to date?"

When he said that he put his hand on my wet leg and looked into my eyes, I started getting hard.

"Theon, you have such beautiful eyes, it's a shame you have your sunglasses on all the time."

He kept on talking.

"You know, we age, you are not going to remain so hot and beautiful. If you don't find someone, you will end up alone and unattractive. What will you do then?"

I could not agree less with his point of view.

I am an optimistic guy. I am realistic, of course. Looks diminish, our bodies wither with time. But I refuse to be desperate about finding a partner.

I am almost optimistic

In any case, as lovely as he was, the word "Project" was written in bold all over his magnificent huge cock.

I mean, this guy did not have sex with men his entire life.

He knew that he was attracted to guys, but because he wanted to marry a woman, he decided not to do anything about it. Not because he was afraid to be caught or anything.

"I need to be in control," he told me, "I decided not to have sex with men because I wanted to marry a woman."

"It's a good thing you have no control over your beautiful cock," I pointed at this once again hard cock that was leaking cum. His cock kept leaking cum on his left upper leg ever since we came back from our swim.

"Yes, I have no control over my tool, but that's because you are so sexy."

With an ordinary guy, I would have jumped on his hard cock. But I felt that something was weird here, and that was also the reason why my cock was not getting hard as well.

Something was not right.

My bottom's instincts, the one I have sharpened since I was first fucked at the age of 16, were screaming at me:

Something is wrong about this guy.

Yes, he was inexperienced, but he was holding himself hard from doing anything.

Here I was, naked, wet, horny and if I may add, very fuckable and he did nothing with it.

I have been with younger virgins; they did not hold themselves when I presented my ass to them. They acted up, they touched my ass, played with my hole, were eager to fuck me, even if they were in the closet.

Another hour of talking and his cock kept licking cum. Finally, and I don't remember how it came up, I said that I give amazing head.

Finally, he found his big balls.

"Do you want to demonstrate it on my cock?"


When I brought my eager lips closer to his cock, he got hard again in seconds. It was like a boom. I looked at his fantastic breeding tool

We were behind this rock

"Damn, you have no idea how much I wanted to do that from the start."

"I just wanted to get to know you first."

Sweet, I thought to myself, but still, something was not right.

I started very gently to blow him; I sensed that this is what will give him the most pleasure. After a minute, I started gently to play with his big balls while licking his huge cock. I kissed the base and went very slowly with my tongue dancing on his huge cock until his prefect black mushroom was once again in my mouth,

"Stop, I am going to cum."

"Going to cum"?

I did not do anything yet. I was merely starting.

He made me lay on my back and came on top of me, sitting between my legs. He held both our hard cock together and rubbed them against each other very gently.

His amazing cock towered mine.

It was a beautiful thing to look at. A big black thick cock pressed against my red, not as big cock.

It was nice that he was finally taking the lead.

Then without any warning, I started getting splashes of burning hot cum on my face, and then a few more on my body. He was almost quiet the entire time.

It took less than five minutes since I placed my lips next to his big cock until his cum was all over my face.

Well, I love cum, and his cum was exceptionally hot.

I rubbed his cum all over my body, then used it to finger myself, I licked some off my face.

He looked at me, amazed.

"You like cum so much, ha?"

"I prefer it, even more, when it's in my ass."

We went to clean in the ocean.

"Do you want soap?"


"I always clean myself with soap after I cum."

The warning bells in my head now became loud cathedral bells.

By the way, when we went to clean up, not too far away from us, there was a couple fucking. The bottom had his legs on the top's shoulders. I felt very jealous of the bottom. I wanted to get fucked just like that.

After we went back to our towels, I had to say something.

"I guess my oral skills are extraordinary since you came so quickly."

"You are amazing, and I was so horny because you are so sexy, but don't worry, in 10 minutes I will be hard again."

Now I was starting to get excited.

A top with an amazing cock that is ready for the second round in no time is a bottom's ultimate fantasy.

I thought to myself:

The first time he was so horny and excited. The second time we are going to take our time, to slowly make love, I will show him how beautiful and awesome it is to fuck another man.

Now that I felt his cum on my body, I wanted also to feel it shooting inside my body. My ass felt loose and ready for him.

In 10 minutes, his cock got hard as if he did not cream my face not that long ago. It was like magic. This guy was 44. It was almost unnatural for someone to get hard so quickly again, especially at his age.

When we were endlessly talking before he said how much he loves to caress another guy.

I laid on my stomach and spread my legs.

That's how I was when I asked him to caress my body

"Do you want to caress my back and my ass for a while?"

"Sure, I'd love to, you have such a nice body and your smooth ass is perfect."

I already had in my head how things will play:

He will caress my back, then move to my ass. Eventually, he will play with my crack, and his fingers will find my smooth hole. He will spread my legs some more and keep caressing me.

He will then take a first close look at my love hole. It may well be the first time that he sees a man's hole so close and exposed.

I will encourage him to investigate my smooth hole. When he starts pushing his fingers inside my fuckable ass, I will moan loudly, and he will be surprised to find out how boiling hot my love tunnel is.

At a certain point, I will take the lube out. I will lube my open hole and his cum-dripping colossal cock. Then I will gently guide his sculptured black mushroom to my pink hole and will open my gates of heaven for him.

Once his cock is inside and fucking my hot-as-hell heaven, he will create a new river of milk and honey inside my love tunnel.

The plan was moving forward nicely.

He did caress my back.

He did move his hands to my ass.

When his left hand started touching my smooth ass, in seconds and without warning I got a splash of cum on the back of my head, then a few on my back and then many more splashes on my ass.

He shot, even more, the second time!

"Let's clean," I told him

It was so quick that I did not even get a chance to get hard yet.

"Do you want soap? you have so much cum on you."


When we came back to the towels, he said:

"If we have some more time, I can go for a third-round."

Certainly not, I thought to myself. Having sex with him was just terrible, horrible.

I was dealing with a premature ejaculator.

The first time was reasonable.

It happens a lot with virgins.

Once, a guy shot his load all over my ass just from getting his cock close to my crack. He was 19 and never been with a guy before.

I remember it quite well. He was embarrassed.

I told him that it was a beautiful compliment for me that he got so excited. We hugged, talked, and waited for half an hour. He got hard again, and then he fucked me for a long time. It was fantastic. My only regret is that it was before prep was around, so I did not get to enjoy him fucking me without a condom.

Unlike that 19 years old, this Yemenite, drowned me in his cum, twice, prematurely.

I was not going to let him do it again.

"You know what, it's getting late, and I was planning on taking some photos anyway."

After he left, I took several photos. I think my facial expression and my disappointed cock says it all.

I stayed after sunset and took this nice silky ocean shot as well.

When I started walking back to the exit, I saw an enormous cock sculpture (it's hard to tell how big it is from the photo).

I was so horny that I wanted to sit on this cock

The couple that fucked before must have made it. There was no one else at the beach but them.

I was so horny that I considered sitting on this cock.

It was big, thick, and the balls were gigantic. In the balls, there must have been gallons of cum. Just the thing that I needed in my ass.

But I knew this cock would crumble the minute I press my ass close to it.

Another dysfunctional cock I thought to myself

Just like the one from before

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