69 or 79?

“Is he 69 or 79?”

That’s what my lady friend asked me when we were all celebrating new years at my parent's. My dad was talking about physics, biology, and more topics of the sort like he always does during family occasions.

“I can’t believe he is 79”, she told me. "He is amazing!"

It was a fantastic new year’s dinner.

It was all vegan, of course. My friends who joined us were vegan, and so is my sister. The rest of the family is not. Though all of them consume much less dead bodies since me and my sister became vegan.

My brother in law complained (as he always does) that there will be no chicken soup (which is a traditional dish for new year’s).

After the meal, we went out to smoke weed. When we came back, another lady friend of mine got her long hair on fire from the candles.

No harm was done, but there was a stench of burning flesh in the room.

“Well, you did not get your soup,” I told my brother-in-law, ”but at least you got the same kind of smell.״

We all laughed, including him.

That was Sunday evening.

Later that night, a guy made love to my ass. I never met him before. He came to my little town to stay with his parents for new year’s.

There is not much to write about it.

We fucked for not too long. I think from start to finish it was maybe an hour and a half. He came over to my place around 1 AM, and by 3 AM, he was gone.

He creamed my ass while I was lying on my stomach. I was playing with his cock and balls at the same time. It was fun to hold his cock when the cum was shooting out of it and inside of me. Before that, he fucked me in doggie for a long time.

After that, we took a shower together. He soaped my ass, finger fucked me and finished me off like that.

It was simple yet effective.

Yesterday (Monday) I went to the nude beach, but as expected there were a lot of people, including families. So, there was no chance for sex.

It was fine with me. I knew in advance that this would be the case. I just had to get Luka out of the house.

By the way, in Israel, the holidays can either be during the week or during the weekend. It changes every year because our calendar is lunar. If a holiday is over the weekend, you are screwed because you don’t get time off.

This month we have four holidays. All of them start either before the weekend or after it. So we get four long weekends. This weekend we had five days off including the weekend.

It will be hard to return to work tomorrow. I am way too young to retire, but if I could, I’d retire yesterday.

Today was the last day of my five day weekend.

I woke up before sunrise at around 5 AM. It was a good thing because I wanted to see the sunrise.

I did my workout, of course, naked.

I got horny remembering the sex I have had two nights before. It was not the best sex, but the guy was hairy with a big dick, and he gave me a fantastic rim job before fucking me. I knew that if I don’t masturbate, I will not be able to do anything today.

After working out, I showered and started playing with my love hole. At first, I pushed one finger in, but very quickly, I pushed three fingers inside while spanking myself.

In this photo, you can see my left hand spanking my ass while I am about to push two fingers deep inside my hole.

I can finger fuck myself for hours; it feels so good. But I wanted to cum, so I get to see the sunrise.

I got myself very close and then finished using the shower hose. There was water splashing everywhere, hence why I did not take a photo of it.

Then my dick went down, and the sun went up.

As you can see, I am smiling and happy after emptying my balls.

I noticed that my neighbors in the new building across from my terrace were also up early. They were on their outdoor roof terrace. When they saw me walking out of my shower naked, they went inside and lowered their curtains.

I am starting to dislike them.

They are very loud, and they burn corpses a few times every week on their terrace. I turned my love hole to them to let them know what I think of them. I am sure they kept looking at me even though the curtains were down.

As you can see, I had a non-eventful new year’s weekend. Hopefully, this is a sign of how things are going to be this year. I had too many events last year. I could use a quiet, relaxed year.


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