4 Guys & 1 Orgasm

I was watching the sunset and the beautiful clouds while being relaxed and amused.

Feeling happy & relaxed

Why relaxed?

Well, because obviously, I emptied my balls a few hours before.

And why amused?

Because I was thinking to myself how the nude beach is like a social lab running experiments on human behavior. If I were not cock-hungry each time that I was there, I would have observed human behavior and take notes.

If I had to summarize the different types of guys I engages with sexually or erotically yesterday I would have labeled them like that (in the order of engagement):

The Bottom

The Clueless

The Stud

The Gentleman

On my way to the shallow pools, I saw two young naked guys playing beach tennis. There were so hot. Both of them had perfect bodies with big dicks crowned with full pubic hair. Their cocks swung from side to side as they were playing.

One of them had a smooth ass, the other a hairy ass. Both asses were perfect, round, and muscular.

I thought to myself: Even if I don't do anything at the beach today, just seeing these two breathtaking naked studs was worth the effort to get to the beach.

Thankfully, my hands were full 15 minutes after seeing them.

When I got to the shallow pools, there were two guys there, and they were about to leave. Another cute guy was approaching from the north.

When he saw me, he came closer and took his cock out of his speedo. He peed and looked at me.

I looked back at him.

When he was done peeing, he kept playing with his cock, until he was fully erected. I got naked, revealing my hard cock and with my hand invited him to come over.

He got naked, came to my beach towel. I was sitting. When he got to me, he attempted to start fucking my face.

"Wait, let this couple leave first."

"I don't have a lot of time; I need to leave soon."

"Well, they are already leaving, just sit down next to me for the time being"

He sat down, and I had a chance while we were waiting to check his package.

He had a beautiful long pinkish cock with massive balls. His cock was not very thick, but it was fun playing with it while juggling his massive balls. They reminded me of the tennis ball from before.

After they left, I asked him: "Are you more of a top?"

"It depends."

OK, I thought to myself, the guy is a bottom.

To prove my point, I reluctantly left his awesome balls and pushed my fingers into his hairy crack and started massaging his hole.

He immediately laid on his back, rolled his head backward, and started moaning. Each time my fingers found his moist love hole, he began to raise his voice some more.

I switch to a position in which I was holding both our hard cocks together. I was rubbing them while my fingers were playing with his hairy hole.

When I finally pushed my finger deep inside his "hot like an oven" ass, he raised his voice some more and started leaking cum.

I did all of that with my back facing south. So, I did not see the "clueless" arriving until he was standing above us and watching.

"Can I join you?"

The bottom (not me, the other one), raised his head and looked at him.

I turned around to see who is this guy.

He was not my type, but his massive red hard cock was very close to my face. I was horny enough to blow him while finger fucking the bottom and playing with both are cocks, all at the same time.

I reached and played with his hairy balls, but the bottom (again, not me…), said he was not interested.

"What? Should I leave?"


The bottom looked at me, smiling: "Some guys just don't get it."

"He must have wanted me to finger him as well," and when I said that I was starting to push two fingers inside his hot ass.

Once again he rolled his head back, moaning. I rubbed our cocks together. I knew that the "clueless" was behind us, not too far away, watching. I was too horny to care, and I did not want to stop. It felt fantastic feeling the insides of his ass and see his reaction to my fingers.

"Would you shoot all over me and keep fucking me with your fingers? please don't stop."

I sat on his upper legs and started to wank with one hand while massaging his prostate with my other hand. He kept wanking, and I could tell he was getting close as well.

It was not long before I felt my orgasm approaching, and with several loud yells, I shot all over his lean sexy body. As promised, I kept fucking him with my fingers.

After I was done, his cock (and also his face and upper body), was covered with my cum. He used my cum as lube and shot shortly afterward while I kept playing with his love hole and finger fucking him.

It was beautiful to see his cock shooting long bursts of cum all over.

The clueless was all that time behind us. I did not bother to look at him; I am quite sure he was wanking the entire time.

We both cleaned, I went to the water for the first time that afternoon (I had just arrived when I started fucking with this cute guy). I laid in the shallow pools on my stomach. I was daydreaming and feeling very relaxed.

The clueless came over and sat next to me.

"You have such a beautiful ass, do you mind if we fuck now?"


I just shot my load. I did not feel horny at all. As I said before, he was not my type, but when I was so horny, I could look past that because his cock drove me wild.

But now? Oh no!

"Well, do you mind if I just sit next to you?"

I did mind, but I felt awkward telling him to leave. He stayed over, and we talked for a while.

He was married and never been with a guy. He is dying to try to fuck a guy or at least feel his cock next to a guy's ass.

"Your ass is so smooth; I am so attracted to it."

I looked at him and his massive boner. I was not horny at all. It was only 20 minutes before that I emptied my nuts.

"Well, can I at least feel your ass or perhaps see your hole?"

I did not feel that I want anyone to touch any part of my body or to expose my hole. I just wanted to relax.

What a weird guy.

He left.

Forty-five minutes before sunset, a beautiful stud arrived.

He was much more my type than the guy before, and by now, I could see myself having a second round with a guy that I was very attracted to.

Like him.

He was naked, and it was a brilliant idea because he was sexy to die for. His body was muscular and hairy. I think he was in his early 40's. I was standing when he arrived, and I looked at his amazing cock and almost started drooling.

He looked at me and stopped. We both started getting hard. No words were needed.

We started kissing right away. His hands were playing with my ass; mine was playing with his hairy balls. I felt how strong he was, and I moaned loudly.

"I have seen you before on Grindr; I would love to fuck your sexy ass."

I turned around and let him hug me with force while his cock was glued to my horny crack.

It was all going very well. I could feel my hole relaxing, and I already started dreaming of his thick brown cock, making love to my ass until it cums.

Then they came over.

Two women walking on the beach, and not too far from them more people were visible.

"Sorry sexy, I don't feel comfortable fucking you when people are around."

There was not much to say.

I was not horny enough to not care about it myself. I also knew others would soon show up.

I watched his beautiful hairy ass leaving, and I gave these two women the "I could kill you" look.


Ten minutes before sunset, the gentleman arrived.

I took this photo when he came over

He was not my type at all, but he was friendly and sweet. We chatted for a while. I think he was in his early 60's.

Why was he a gentleman?

I knew he wanted me, but he also knew that I probably was not interested. He was polite and charming to talk to. When he was about to leave, he said:

"You know, I am going to the Dead Sea on Wednesday, I already have a hotel room. You are invited to come over; I already paid for the room."

It was a sweet offer, but I was not going to take advantage of it and give him the impression that something will happen.

Maybe he would have also liked just me for the company, but I did not want to put myself in such an awkward position.

It's 1:30 PM here in Israel and Luka is looking at me. She is waiting for me to give the signal that we are going to the beach.

What will happen today?

I will know soon enough.


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