3 Married Guys

I would like to start this post with a photo of my thick hard cock and a challenge:

Can you find Felix, my boyfriend, in this photo?

I was inspired to do this photo because of this challenge:

Can you find the cat in this photo?

Felix stayed with me last night because I asked him to.

If you have been following my life and my blog, then your immediate thought must have been:

"Once again, Theon is horny and wants to get fucked."

And you would have been 50% right. 

Since it's unlikely that I'd want to get fucked unless I'm horny, then you can guess which part was right and which one was wrong:

I didn't invite Felix over because I wanted him to fuck me, even though I was horny. 

In fact, I was extra horny because of a disappointing sexual encounter at the nudist beach, which had left my cock hard and leaking cum but without experiencing an orgasm.

More about it below.

So, if I was horny and wanted Felix to spend the night at my place, why did I not want him also to seed my tunnel of love?

Quite simple.

Today is the Holocaust day in Israel. Like any Jewish holiday, it starts at sunset the night before. This day always brings tears to my eyes. A year ago, I wrote about my German great grandparents whom the Germans murdered in Auschwitz. 

You can read about their horrible fate here:

Remembering Paula Mane 

I didn't want to be alone last night.

Especially after I'd cried for nearly 20 minutes after watching this made-up story