3 Married Guys

I would like to start this post with a photo of my thick hard cock and a challenge:

Can you find Felix, my boyfriend, in this photo?

I was inspired to do this photo because of this challenge:

Can you find the cat in this photo?

Felix stayed with me last night because I asked him to.

If you have been following my life and my blog, then your immediate thought must have been:

"Once again, Theon is horny and wants to get fucked."

And you would have been 50% right. 

Since it's unlikely that I'd want to get fucked unless I'm horny, then you can guess which part was right and which one was wrong:

I didn't invite Felix over because I wanted him to fuck me, even though I was horny. 

In fact, I was extra horny because of a disappointing sexual encounter at the nudist beach, which had left my cock hard and leaking cum but without experiencing an orgasm.

More about it below.

So, if I was horny and wanted Felix to spend the night at my place, why did I not want him also to seed my tunnel of love?

Quite simple.

Today is the Holocaust day in Israel. Like any Jewish holiday, it starts at sunset the night before. This day always brings tears to my eyes. A year ago, I wrote about my German great grandparents whom the Germans murdered in Auschwitz. 

You can read about their horrible fate here:

Remembering Paula Mane 

I didn't want to be alone last night.

Especially after I'd cried for nearly 20 minutes after watching this made-up story

In previous years, I went to my parents and spent the evening with them (they live in the adjacent building). Because of COVID-19, I can't do that this year.

And in any case, I didn't want to sleep alone being so sad.

I woke up early this morning and went to the bakery. I wanted to surprise Felix with fresh bread rolls and croissants (all vegan). 

I'd taken change, and I had the exact amount.  After handing it over, the lady behind the counter said:

"You are just like your dad. You sound and laugh the same way, and also, he always brings the exact change." 

Ever since I was a teenager, I've heard how much I resemble my father. Another similarity is that his balls are also naturally smooth.

How do I know that?

When I was 14, we were at the beach. At one moment, he was sitting, and his balls emerged from his swimming trunks. 

I remember that quite vividly.

His testicles were smooth like mine are to this very day. I have no idea if his hole is naturally smooth like mine. I can only guess that it is because we are so much alike. 

By the way, one blog follower has expressed his desire to see a detailed close-up photo of my soft cock and balls. He was such a nice guy that I decided to fulfil his wish.

But I decided that not only because he was a nice guy, but also because he dedicated to me a video of him shooting his cream.

He is a married Dutch guy in his late fifties with an unbelievable uncut cock. It's so big and thick that I felt like sucking it directly from my 30-inch monitor.

He was kneeling just like the married guy who sucked my cock at the beach (more about it below). Unlike that guy, though, this Dutch guy was an absolute top.

He showed me the photo of my open love hole that he'd downloaded and was looking at while stroking his terrific tool:

"Theon, look at my big cock, I am going to give my cum to your love hole, just as you like it."

He kept stroking and moaning.

"Yes, you like my cock, I am inserting it into your smooth ass. Oh, Theon, it feels so good, I love you."

He started wanking frantically, moaning louder and louder and finally, he yelled:

"Watch me come, Theon, this is for your love hole, just for you, oh Theon, I love you."

Then his terrific love tool fired mighty, amazing cum shots directly at the camera. It was with such force that I was afraid that my monitor would shatter. 

I watched his cum shots again and again.

What a stud!!!

Then he licked the cum off his fingers, brought his cum-covered lips to the cam, and gave me a virtual kiss.

How can I not fulfill his humble wish?

I dedicate this photo to him:

A lot of my followers are married, just like he is.

Another married guy started chatting with me yesterday:

"Just for full disclosure, I'm a 56-year-old married guy that has been a closet by man, and you have turned on a switch that has made me a bit more outward than Informally an. Thank you for sharing your beautiful body and time with me. I do love to see a fit guy's body. A nice flat stomach and firm chest. And of course, to see a nice thick dick and balls like yours is always hot."

We started chatting, and he expressed his desire to suck my cock and fuck me afterward. If you have been following my blog, you know that I don't like to get my cock sucked.

"Getting a blow job is not something that I enjoy; my primary sex organ is my ass and my hole."

He was skeptical: "I thought all guys liked blow jobs!"

So, I explained a bit more the reasoning behind my reluctance to have a guy suck my dick:

"Here's the thing: Most guys have no idea how to give a good blowjob. Even when a guy does know, the sensation that I get from having my hole eaten and fucked is far greater."

However, at the beach yesterday, I almost shot a massive load of hot cum into the mouth of the hairy stud that was sucking my hard cock.

How did that happen?

More about it below.

When I got to the beach, there were two funny incidents. Both related to COVID-19.

The first one related to a cute smooth guy in his twenties who noticed me between the rocks. He placed his beach towel close enough to me so I could see him. He got naked, laid down on his stomach, and presented his ass to me in a "Fuck me please" posture.

There was nothing unusual about that. 

I get mistaken for a top many times at the nudist beach. 

I have no idea why. Somehow I send a message that I'm interested in fucking while nothing excites me more than a guy shoving his thick cock deep into my ass.

That was not the weird thing.

The funny thing was that while he was naked and submissively exposed, one part of his body was covered and protected.

He was wearing a face mask.

The second incident was also quite funny.

A beautiful naked guy was sitting close to me, and he looked very familiar. His cock was big and uncut. I never forget a big cock even if the guy had never used it to fuck me.

I didn't want to stare at him, but each time he passed with his breathtaking cock dangling between his legs, I kept thinking to myself:

"I know this guy; this is so weird. Who is he? Has he fucked me?"

Finally, I remembered who he was and why I didn't recognize him right away.

Because of COVID-19, you can't get a haircut. It was the first time I'd seen him with a lot of hair. His hair gets very curly when it grows. 

Apart from these two guys, I was alone at the beach and hidden between the rocks. That's my favorite place at the beach during this time of the year. Not only does it shelter me from the strong winds, but it also provides enough privacy if I want to get fucked there. 

I fell asleep, had an erotic dream of getting fucked by Felix, and woke up with a hard-on. 

I stood up with my hard-on and was surprised to see a naked sexy guy quite close to me. He was surprised as well to see that there was someone else besides him.

No one else was at the beach.

I'd noticed that he was staring at my hard cock, and then he turned around on his stomach and spread his legs.

"Great," I thought to myself, "Another bottom."

He kept raising and lowering his muscular hairy ass, signaling that he wanted me to fuck him. 

"Sorry, stud," I thought to myself, "Your hairy ass is hot, but my smooth ass needs the same thing that you desire."

I sat down and started reading:

As you can imagine, this book is an instant erection killer, and my cock got soft quite quickly. However, the other's guy cock didn't get soft, and I saw him approaching me with a massive erection.

His cock was to die for.

His wedding ring was also quite beautiful.

It was big, thick with a terrific red mushroom head. And not only that, as I got closer to him with my renewed hard-on, I noticed that it was leaking loads of precum.

I rubbed his precum on my hole and pressed my cock to his flat hairy stomach, and we hugged, pressing both our cocks on to each other.

It felt wonderful. 

He was exactly my type: lean, hairy, handsome, and equipped with a terrific breeding tool. I was beginning to hope that he was a top after all.

He must be, I thought to myself. He had the perfect cock for my hungry ass. Just when I was about to turn around and offer him my delicate hole, he kneeled and started sucking my cock. 

How did it feel?

It felt awesome.

I held his head and started fucking his mouth. I looked down and saw his hairy chest, and his cock had gotten even bigger and kept leaking precum. I moaned loudly at the sight.

I kept fucking his head for nearly 15 minutes. Occasionally, I took my cock out and slapped his face, or pressed his lips to my smooth balls while wanking, and then I pushed my cock back into his eager mouth. 

I was getting close to shooting my load.

At the very last minute, I stopped myself from emptying my balls into his mouth and pulled my cock out. I held my cock, trembling, and then I squeezed my ass, putting a lot of force on my prostate.

Some cum shot on his beautiful face, just as in the following video. If I put my mind to it and stop myself at the right moment, I can shoot some of my cum and remain hard

I wiped the cum off his face with my hand and fed him. He licked my hand. 

"Hmm, your cum tastes so good, it's sweet," and then he grabbed my hard cock and tried to shove it back into his mouth, 

"Wait for a second; I want to give you a blow job as well."

"I don't want to; I only want to swallow your cum."

"Are you a bottom?"

"I am."

I moved my cock away from his eager lips.

"I think I'm going to return to my place."

Why did I say that?

It was not because I realized that he was a bottom. I'd already suspected it. It was because I realized he was a selfish bottom. 

I wanted from the start to play with his amazing cock and to feel him fucking me. The moment he dropped down, I knew that he was a bottom. 

No top, would ever do that, not right away. 

And yet, I continued because he wanted to enjoy my cock, and I felt that was only fair. But, that was only fair if he let me enjoy his terrific cock as well. 

But since he didn't….

"Well, we tried," he said and went back to his beach towel, and shortly after, he was gone.

I watched his hairy ass walking away and thought to myself: "No, we didn't try, or more accurately, I tried, but you were only interested in satisfying your wishes."

This experience had left me dissatisfied and eager to empty my balls.

I kept leaking cum (not precum!) and getting hard and soft again and again. 

I have other photos showing my cock leaking cum without being hard. I kept feeling contractions pushing my cum out of my balls. It was a sweet sensation, but I wanted more than just my hand after being with this sexy stud.

Only around 7 PM, when it got windy and cold, did my cock get small. 

While writing this blog post I took a break to complete my daily workout routine. On Tuesdays, I rn 7 miles in one hour. 

One hour of running is a long time.

While running, I kept thinking to myself: What went wrong with that sexy stud? He was not the first bottom to suck my cock.

I know that bottoms desire to do that (just like I do!), and I have no problem letting a bottom suck on my thick cock. At the beach, I've sex with bottoms quite a few times.

What was different about this guy? 

It was not only the fact that he was selfish.

I stepped down from the treadmill, still thinking about it.

My sweaty body straight after running

While soaking in my rooftop jacuzzi with a glass of cold, dry white wine, I finally understood what the problem was.

Two bottoms can have a great time together. 

Bottoms are better at giving a blow job and rimming. They know what makes the other bottom excited: 

  • Rimming, 

  • Fingering, 

  • Spanking, 

  • Touching and kissing. 

But for this to work out, each bottom must act somewhat like a top. Each bottom needs to be more dominant and to let the other bottom have access to his cock. 

Otherwise, it will never work out. 


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