Three guys and one ass: The good, the bad, and the sexy.

I want to share three stories about guys I've encountered in the last four days since Felix flew back to the States to visit his family. I'll label these guys: "The good, the bad and the sexy."

It's strange to think of him being so far away from me.

I was looking forward to having some quiet time without him, but it feels so strange. My apartment seems hollow and lifeless without his genuine smile and kisses.

How many guys have fucked me during his absence?

Did I invite over several guys to take care of my hole in my rooftop jacuzzi?

Disregarding a quick fuck at the nudist beach on Saturday, the answer is none.

Is it because I miss Felix so much, and can't think of anyone else using my hole while he's gone?

Not at all!

I miss Felix terribly, but not getting fucked by other guys has nothing to do with it. I don't see any problem engaging in man-to-man action in his absence (and, of course, also when he's in Israel).

The reason for me not getting fucked properly since his absence is quite simple:

Men are dickheads.

The "Bad Guy" story is an example of that:

Erez (the villain of the story) is a guy in his 30s.

He started chatting with me on Grindr. He was good-looking and hairy, and I was attracted to him from the start.

The conversation was quite hot, and I'd found myself dripping precum continually.

My underwear while chatting with Erez
My underwear while chatting with Erez

"May I please see your ass?" Erez asked politely.

I sent him this photo in response.

His response was the one that I'd expected because I've heard it so many times before:

"I've got to fuck that ass, WOW!"

"Do you want to come over now?" I asked him.

"I can't because I don't have a car, and I'm 10 miles away. But I can arrange it for Sunday."

"I don't mind if you fuck me at your place," I suggested.

"I have a roommate. I prefer meeting at yours."

It all made perfect sense thus far.

"Does Sunday 11 PM work suit you?" I asked.

"Sure - I can't wait!!!" was his immediate response.

We chatted again on Sunday morning, and he assured me that he'd be coming over that night to make love to my ass.

His promise to breed me left me horny the entire day because my hole needed some cum and loving.

Felix had fucked me three days previously on the eve of his departure.

I've masturbated every day since, but that hasn't satisfied my hunger for a strong man pounding my hole until his seed is buried deep in me.

I'd put my horniness aside while working, but afterwards I found myself continually reaching down to my balls, cock, and especially my loose hole.

I hiked mostly naked for two hours in an attempt to calm down.

But each time I put my backpack down, I started fingering my love hole and feeling my thick cock.

Each time I fingered myself, I put gentle pressure on my prostate. It resulted in a familiar tingling and pre-cum oozing out of my cock.

I was so close to shooting my seed, but naturally, I saved it for Erez.

Having my ass ready for some pounding requires specific preparations. I don't mean cleaning it because I'm naturally clean.

You can read more about it here:

Are You Clean?

However, I do have a list of "do's" and don'ts":

  • Eat lightly.

  • Stop eating a few hours before so my gut doesn't appear bloated.

  • Take a shower, prepare my bed, sometimes light candles.

  • I don't jog or do an extensive work-out because that kills my libido for a few hours while my body is recovering.

Therefore, I only worked on my pecs before his arrival.

I wanted to impress him with my muscular chest.

My pecs and nipples get a lot of attention during sex.
My pecs and nipples get a lot of attention during sex.

By 9 PM, everything was ready for Erez's thick cock. I only had to wait another two hours. I played "Dragon Age Origins" on my Playstation and expected him to send me a message asking for my exact address.

At 10 PM, I took a long shower in preparation.

Even the gentlest touch of my hole made me hard.

I was so horny!
I was so horny!

Only at 10:48 PM, did I get a message from Erez, but I wasn't holding my breath any longer because I knew he'd fucked up.

I did check my phone every few minutes in disbelief, though.

I was naked in my movie room and waiting for him.
I was naked in my movie room and waiting for him.

He texted me: "Hi, sexy. I finished eating supper with my parents very late. It took longer than usual. Do you still want me to come over?"

I wasn't sure how to respond.

On the one hand, my hole yearned for his beautiful penis, but, on the other hand, I felt that his behavior was unacceptable.

It wasn't the fact that he was so late. It was because he told me only at the very last minute. I felt that his attitude was selfish.

Nevertheless, overlooking his shortcomings (because his cock was large!) I asked him: "Are you already here?"

"No, I'm still at my parents' place."

I felt that my blood pressure was going up: "But you don't have a car! How are you planning to come to my place?"

"I can take a cab. It's 40$ one-way."

Paying 80$ so he could fuck me seemed bizarre.

It would have meant I'd have been in some sexual debt to him. I couldn't disappoint him after he'd spent so much money to come over. I didn't want to feel obligated to do anything that he wished to satisfy him.

I told him that I wouldn't feel comfortable if he spent that kind of money.

"Look, I've been dreaming about enjoying your ass all day. If I don't spend this money on getting a cab to fuck you, I'll spend it on fucking someone else."

I was still not sure what to do, so I asked two of my lady friends.

"The guy's an asshole and not as beautiful as yours," concluded one of them. "Abort, abort, abort!"

She was right.

What troubled me the most wasn't the fact he didn't give a fuck about my time or wanted to spend so much money coming over.

It was this line:

"Look, I've been dreaming about enjoying your ass all day."

Had he said, "Look, I've been dreaming about enjoying each other," I might have been writing a blog post now about how nasty (or extraordinary) the sex was with him. But his choice of words indicated that he was indeed a selfish prick.

I blocked him and immediately masturbated to release the pressure from my mind and balls.

I always smile while playing with my private parts
I always smile while playing with my private parts

My balls empty, I'd decided that I'm only going to get fucked by fuck buddies or at the nudist beach. I'm too nice and gullible, and I'm sick of hairy tops taking advantage of me.

The "Good Guy" didn't take advantage of my body, only of my mind.

But it all changed last night.

His name was Paul, and he was from the States. It was our third Skype chat, and we both enjoyed it immensely. Paul was intelligent, funny and shared so many stories of his life with me.

He had a lot to share because he was over 70.

It was interesting to learn about his sex life and adventures around the world from the time before I was born!

On my part, I told him about my life as a gay bottom in Israel and my life experiences (mostly the non-sexual ones).

I also shared what had happened with Erez the night before, and Paul supported my decision.

We discussed some politics (but not too much!), the arts, movies, plays, and more.

It was enlightening.

After an hour, he looked at me and said, "It's so easy to fall in love with you, Theon."

His comment surprised me, and I asked him what he meant.

"You are intelligent, easy on the eyes, and smile beautifully quite often."

I do smile a lot!
I do smile a lot!

"I'm just like you: a simple, honest, friendly guy," I told him. And then I corrected myself, "except you are not simple; you've had such an interesting life!"

We continued chatting, and each time we were about to end our lovely chat, we found another topic to discuss.

"Well, Theon," he said an hour later, "you need to go to bed, and I need to have my already-late dinner. We will take it further next time."

"That's the third time you ended our conversation with that statement," I told Paul.

"Which one?"

"We will take it further next time," I laughed. "Does it mean you want to see my naked body? I told you that I'm a nudist, and I'm as friendly and smiling when I'm naked. I don't mind removing my clothes."

"I'm sure your body is as lovely as you are! Why wouldn't I want to see it?"

As I was taking off my clothes, Paul told me to wait before taking off my underwear and admired my ass that was nicely framed by my jock.

"I told you, I always wear a jock," I smiled, turning back and getting ready to remove it.

Making breakfast
Making breakfast

Then I promptly removed my underwear and my cock flapped up and down (it was semi-hard). Maybe it was the late hour, or perhaps I suddenly saw Paul in a new light.

We were no longer talking about the arts.

"You have a beautiful chest; in fact your entire body is gorgeous. " Paul commented. "Your nipples seem so playful."

"I find hairy man like you sexy and you also have pointy nipples," I told him and started playing with mine.

My cock reacted immediately.

I usually play with my nipples when shooting my load.
I usually play with my nipples when shooting my load.

We masturbated together but didn't cum. I too felt that we should "take it further next time."

But right after we'd said goodbye, my cum was all over my upper body, and I ate it with great pleasure.

I want to finish this blog post with the story of the "Sexy Guy."

We'd started chatting on Instagram, and it wasn't long before he told me:

"I am so sexually charged seeing your masculinity exposed. I really would like to support you with the artistic and erotic posts. They are exceptional."

He was referring to this photo and others.

I always work out naked.
I always work out naked.

Then he continued:

"I am in a sexually adventurous stage of my life and would like to try almost anything in a masculine sexual experience. I think I will get some ideas from your blog."
I am 59 yo but have taken back my life and health in the last few years and feel like I'm in my 30s and have a strong sex drive and a partner for 25 years that I love but with no physical contact, so I am searching for men with whom I can have shared sexual growth."

He sent me a few of his photos, and I admired his cock and ass. Then I suggested publishing them because they were so erotic.

He was thrilled by my suggestion:

"Theon, I would be so honored if you find any of my photos you would like to publish on your blog. I also enjoy being viewed naked by other men. It is a real ego booster."

It was hard to choose which of his photos to publish!

Even the photo of him fingering his hot hole made me horny.

I finger myself like he does quite often
I finger myself like he does quite often

I only wish he'd kept his ass hairy. It appears to be shaved, and, to me, a hairy ass is irresistible.

This photo made me want to drop to my knees and worship him.

I had never seen such a unique cock ring!
I had never seen such a unique cock ring!

And this one shows how sexy and manly he is

I want to lick the back of his leg, hole, balls, and finally, his thick cock!
I want to lick the back of his leg, hole, balls, and finally, his thick cock!

What do you think of this lovely stud?

Send me your feedback, and I'll gladly pass it on to him.

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