3,2,1,0 - Part II

Yesterday after attending the funeral of a dear family member, I went to the nude beach. You may think of it as a weird choice, but after all that sadness, I wanted something different.

I wanted to feel the power of nature, to relax while being naked, and remember.

I did not rule out sex, but it was not my main priority.

Eventually, it became my last priority.

Where should I begin?

The title of this post is "3,2,1,0", which refers to

  • Three bottoms

  • Two tops

  • One funeral

  • 0 orgasms

So, I better start with the first bottom; after all, he was the first one who approached me at the beach.

He was naked and walking on the beach. It was clear, as the blue sky, that he was looking for someone to fuck him.

I already played with his cock a week ago. He has a huge uncut cock and big hanging balls. Both (cock & balls) attracted my attention. However, he is an absolute bottom, just like me.

Worse (for me), he shaves his entire body. I mean everything. He looks like a shaved little girl with a huge uncut cock and massive balls. If he were a top, I'd let him fuck me for sure, but as a bottom? I could not see myself doing anything with him.

He already knew I am not interested in him because of last week. It was a total disaster last week. I wanted him to fuck me while he tried to suck me — a typical two bottoms experience.

He still approached me and demanded to understand why I am a bottom:

"Care to explain why you are only a bottom?"

"Does it matter? I am, and that's how it is."

He sent his hand forward; he was about to grab my cock, so I took a step back.

"Dude, I honestly want you to fuck me, you don't look like a bottom at all."

I turned around.

"See my smooth ass? It's a bottom's ass."

"I know and your ass is naturally smooth, you told me; nevertheless, I wish you'd fuck me."

Eventually, he left.

Then came the second bottom.

How do I know he was a bottom?

Because he positioned himself facing down with his legs spread very close to me and from time to time, he has looked at me.

He was also smooth all over, so not my type, even if he was a top. For 20 minutes, he moved his ass in various ways. I guess that was supposed to make me want to fuck him.

Obviously, it was not very convincing because he left without my seed in his ass.

Then came the third bottom.

He was a tourist from France. I was sitting close to the water when he showed up. He checked me out and put his towel not too far away from me.

He went to the sea and signaled me to come over.

I thought to myself:

How can some men be so stupid?

He does not know me. Why does he assume that I want to do anything with him? Even if I did, how about sitting next to me for a while first so we can talk?

Since I ignored him, he went out of the water and sat next to me. Before I knew it, his wet hand was on my right thigh and making its way to my cock and balls.

I pushed his hand aside.

"I am not interested and next time ask before you touch."

He said something in French that I did not understand but certainly was some insult.

It was weird.

On the day that I least wanted to have sex, three guys in less than 45 minutes were trying to gain access to my cock and release the seed from my balls.

How was I sending such wrong signals? First that I am horny and second that I am a top!

I decided that maybe the area I was sitting in was labeled "Horny Tops," so I packed my things and walked half a mile north to find some peace.

Finally, I got my peace, and I did what I wanted to do all along: Think, remember, and sleep.

Half an hour before sunset came the first top.

He was not my type, but at least he did not shave his pubic hair. He did not bother to find out if I am interested in him before sitting next to me. He placed his things down, and started waving his cock.

Well, at least he identified me as a bottom, but that should not have been a surprise because I was facing down on my stomach when he arrived.

This is exactly where and how I was yesterday when he showed up.

When I realized he was looking at my ass and masturbating, I stood up and went to the ocean to wash the sand off. I came back and was sitting like in the next photo. In this photo, I was looking at the sea and making sure not to make eye contact with him.

After 15 minutes of waving his cock in all sorts of imaginative ways and masturbating, he decided that I was probably blind and came over towards me. He did the cock parade in front of my eyes.

I ignored him, and after another 10 minutes of marching and showing me his hard cock and waving it, he left.

And just in time because I could enjoy this beautiful sunset and remember my relative that passed away.

The worst was still waiting for me.

The last top.

He was a stalker.

I was walking back to the coastal highway, naked as usual. It's about a mile walk. It was already quite dark.

A car drove by me, when the top realized that I was naked, he slowed down to check me out, then he kept driving.

He then stopped the car in the middle of the dirt road, so the car lights were illuminating the entire area. I passed his car, and he could see my naked body as I kept walking.

When I walked far enough, he drove some more and stopped the car. I got closer to him; I decided that if I am attracted to him, I would not mind letting him fuck me.

I took this photo a few days ago. It was dark. This is also where he stopped his car.

I could see enough to tell that he was naked as well. He took the driver's seat backward, and he was wanking. From time to time, he would check the mirror to see what I was doing.

I lost interest.

His behavior suggested that he was a cock shaped like a guy and not a person.

I am not naive, this would have been a quick fuck, and I was okay with it. But seriously, some minimal steps are required even before a quick fuck:

  • How about some eye contact?

  • A smile, perhaps?

  • 2-3 words?

  • Maybe make an effort to go out of the car, so I can see you better?

I dressed up and kept on walking.

I was not meant to get fucked yesterday, I know it now. It was a good thing after all, even though I am sure the deceased would not have minded it one bit.

That's because she always did things her way. That is how she was during her entire life.

She never cared about what others will say about her.

She belonged to the German side of my family. On that side, everything needs to appear perfect and conform to the norm.

Well, she was not perfect, nor did she conform to any norm except to hers.

She got a divorce.

She got pregnant from another man without marrying him

That man was an Ethiopian Jew (which means he was black)

The family was in a state of shock.

I still remember my late grandma clapping her hands in shock after she saw her beautiful baby girl: "Oh my God, it's a black baby" (she said it in Yiddish).

Why am I telling you all that?

I was thinking about that yesterday at the beach, between interruptions, that is.

I am just like her.

I don't care what people think about me, and I do things my way. However, unlike her, I am perfect (kidding!)

Rest in peace, my dear Aunt.


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