3,2,1,0 - Part I

Three bottoms, two tops, one funeral, and zero orgasms.

That's the best way to summarize my day.

And the bottoms were quite aggressive in their demand for cock. Five minutes, I swear, after I got naked at the beach, I was asked this question:

"Care to explain why you are only a bottom?"

Gee, how about no?

I don't think I need to explain to anyone, let alone a total stranger at the beach, why I exclusively enjoy getting fucked with minimum desire to fuck anyone.

A funeral is an erection killer, but for a good reason

More about my day tomorrow, it has been an emotional roller coaster today.

The general stupidy of the average horny male was the last thing that I needed today. Too bad, I got it in large doses at the nude beach and online.

I was also offered to be an escort (a.ka. male prostitute) for a "CEO of a large and very successful company."

I think I am going to write this day as a total loss.

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