2 Loads in 1 Ass

"Give Theon another joint; he's not stoned enough," yelled Debby.

When Dor started fucking me, three hours later, I was so stoned that he needed only a little bit of lube to take control of my ass.

My hole opened immediately and embraced his beautiful northern cock because my muscles were so relaxed, and it felt as if my mind was floating on a cushion of white clouds.

Allowing Dor to make love to my ass was not something that I was planning to do on the night of my second birthday party.

However, feeling him kissing my neck and whispering "Happy Birthday, Prince," ten minutes after he'd spilled his seed inside my ass and while still inside me, was such a beautiful ending to a terrific party.

Dor was the first to arrive and the last to leave after he came in my ass.

It was past 2 AM when he left.

The party was a huge success, and I got some more presents!

Dor gave me a silver bracelet. It fits perfectly; I love it:

There were 10 of us: Me & Felix, Dor, Debby and Simon, two gay couples, and my best lady friend. All of us are vegan. I don't have any friends who aren't.

Simon was the only straight guy, and Debby is always extra protective of him when he is in our presence. Simon is in his mid-thirties, and he is so fucking adorable. He has a baby face and a hairy toned body. I'd let him fuck me any time, anywhere.

When they arrived, I opened the door, holding two thermometers behind my back.

"Because of COVID-19, I need to measure your temperature before you can come in."

Then I showed them the thermometers. One was digital, and the other one an old-fashioned analog type.

"The analog one is for Simon, and I will need access to his anus to measure his temperature."

When I have to, I prefer to use this one

"Very funny, Theon. We all know that you're a total bottom. You want access to his Russian cock, not his anus, and both are mine alone."

Obviously, Debby was not into sharing Simon.


I know that Simon has a huge cock, not only because he is a Russian Jew but also because I could tell by his swim trunks.

Once Debby herself, when we got stoned together, described to me in detail Simon's private parts. I think she regrets that moment to this very day.

Simon is not gay, not even bisexual. He is very secure about his sexuality. Confident enough to grab my ass (through my shorts) to tease Debby. He enjoys it when Debby is so protective of him when in our company. Of course, I'm not the only bottom drooling over him when we meet.

Later that evening, Dor, Felix, Simon, and I were in my rooftop jacuzzi.

Naturally, the three of us were naked; I gave Simon one of my swim trunks that I keep for such occasions. I don't wear swim trunks. If I can't be naked, I put on speedos, but I have one or two pairs to give to guests.

Felix doesn't smoke weed, but he'd had quite a lot to drink that evening. The rest of us were stoned and happy. When Debby came upstairs to check on Simon, she saw us all hugging and laughing hysterically.

"Are you guys naked?" Debby asked.

I stood up for a second, showing her my smooth ass and quickly immersing again.

"Simon, I can't believe you!!! Get away from Theon's ass right now!!"

Simon pretended to play with my cock underwater, and I pretended to enjoy it. "Oh, Simon, yes, play with my hole too, oh it feels so good."

"Simon! Out!! Now!!!!"

We laughed hysterically, as he got out and kissed her for a long time to calm her down.

What a fantastic couple these two are!!!

After Simon had gotten out, my love hole was next to two massive cocks: Dor's & Felix's. But we were not going to fuck. Not only because of the guests downstairs but also because that would have felt too weird, even for me.

After showering and returning to the guests, I started to clean the table and organize the kitchen. Felix stopped me from doing so and said: "Why don't you enjoy your birthday party, and attend to your guests? I will clean everything."

Have I already mentioned that Felix is an angel?

Many times.

It was time to serve desserts, and I invited my sister and brother-in-law over. They live in the apartment next to mine in the adjacent building. I share a wall with them. They came over, and it was lovely.

Before going to the part where Dor made love to my ass, a few hours later, Felix too, I want to tell you about a few projects that are going on regarding my blog.

The first is a beautiful work of art done by an artist that I'm in touch with on Deviant Art.

Here's a link to his profile:


He'd already done a few drawings of me. Last week he asked for a photo of me seated, wanting to feature me again.

He chose this photo:

And he drew this:

I'm on the far right in the drawing. It's nice to look hairy, not bald, and 20 years younger. I guess this is how he visualizes me in his mind.

What can I say? I'd love to get fucked by someone that looks like me in his painting...

The other delightful achievement was this photo. It was selected for special recognition by Sinful Sunday.

Here's what the lady that runs the contest wrote about my photo:

"*Sigh*. Black and white photography. Cock. Strong hands holding wet soaped up cock. I have nothing intelligent to say about this; it's just a really fucking hot photo. I'm looking forward to the time when I can touch, taste, feel and photograph cock again, but for so long as I can only consume cock through the screen, this is a pretty good offering!"

And here's a link to the rest of the images that were chosen:

Sinful Sunday

This same cock shot (in color), is also how my blog appears on this UK site. It features several other blogs. It focuses on massages and sexuality.

Here is a link to this amazing site:

Skin Map sensual massage

And lastly, "Undies 101" site wants to feature me and my blog. They asked for several photos of me wearing speedo/jock/thong and to write a 200-300 article about my blog and my view on underwear and sexuality.

That’s not me!!!


I am going to choose some photos and write a small pitch after I've finished this blog post.

Back to my birthday party:

The two gay couples clubbed together to buy me more l.e.d lighting equipment as a present. It was also one of the (many) presents that Felix had given me. It was his idea that they buy me some more lighting gear.

Yesterday, after Felix had left, I had some time to play with it. I positioned some LED lights in my movie room and started taking some photos.

I wasn't planning on working out.

Saturday is the only day when I don't work out. But I was naked because it was finally warm enough to be naked indoors.

Less than a day had passed since Dor had filled my ass with buckets of cum in this very room. Remembering how he'd fucked me so beautifully made me rock hard:

How did I end up collecting Dor's seed?

All the guests had gone. Only Felix, Dor, and I were in my apartment.

It was already past 1 AM.

The three of us had either smoked too much (me & Dor), eaten too much (Dor), or drunk too much (Felix). Felix had collapsed in my bed half an hour before and left both Dor and me alone in the living room.

He was too drunk and too much in love with me to care if Dor fucked me later that night. I saw it in his eyes when he went to bed.

It was a look that meant: "Have fun with Dor."

But I wasn't sure if I would.

When you are so stoned, things either happen somehow, or they don't. Each time Dor looked deeply into my eyes, I could feel my love hole yearning for his seed, but I was too happy to do anything about it.

When he was about to leave, he showed me photos of a guy on Grindr that wanted to meet with him right then.

"I don't know; It's so late," he told me. "He's hot and a bottom, but I don't know if I'm up to it right now."

Dor took his belongings, and I escorted him to the door. When I was about to kiss him goodbye, our lips found each other. At first, we kissed casually but then, with so much passion. He almost swallowed my head. He pressed his body against mine, and I could tell he was already hard.

"I want you," he said and licked my ear.

"I want you too," I whispered.

"What about Felix? Don't you want him to fuck you tonight?"

"Felix? Can't you hear?"

Felix was snoring loudly, which was unusual for him. It was more evidence of how drunk he was. I didn't expect any fucking with him, not for a few hours.

I took Dor's hand, and we went upstairs.

We both got naked in a matter of seconds and were kissing passionately, our two hard cocks kissing each other at the same time. Dor grabbed my ass and fingered my horny love hole while we were kissing.

I had to keep my voice down, which was not easy for me. I took his fingers that were inside my ass and licked them with pleasure, tasting how delicious my hole was.

Then, I grabbed Dor's almost smooth balls; they were so massive and warm. We both moaned. Dor moaned from the sensation. I moaned from the thought of using my ass to extract his cum.

"Do you want to fuck me in the Jacuzzi?" I asked Dor

"No, I don't feel like getting wet again."

I took Dor's hand, and we went into the movie room. We kissed non-stop. I placed my workout mattress on the floor and laid on it, offering my ass to him.

"Do what you want with my ass, I want you so bad," I whispered.

At first, Dor very gently caressed my ass and my back. Then his fingers found my love hole again. I softly moaned when he started playing with it. He'd already finger fucked me at the beach a few weeks ago, but now it was different.

I knew that very soon, he would fuck me for real.

Something that hadn't happened since January.

"Theon, babe, your hole feels so good. It's so soft, warm, and inviting. Such sweet ass lips, my cock is dying to go in."

I turned around and saw his colossal cock, extra big, red, and dripping precum. The sight was stunning.

"What are you waiting for? I'm stoned; you can fuck me right away."

"What about Felix?"

"He's drunk."

"Would he not mind later?"

Apparently, Dor hadn't smoked too much because his mind was still working.

"No, I promise you, he won't," and I laid again on the mattress.

Dor laid on top of me, and in seconds his massive cock was deep inside, saying hello to the lower part of my back.

"Your ass feels so good," Dor kept saying. He was fucking me with force, then gently, then with force again. He would stop, tremble, and kiss my neck for a long time. Then I would squeeze my ass, hugging his thick cock, and he would start fucking me again.

I love to get fucked when I'm stoned.

It feels like a dream.

Dor took his thick cock out, slapped my horny ass with it, and shoved it back in with force. I had to stop myself from screaming.

I knew Felix would not mind later that Dor was making love to my ass, but there was no sense in forcing him to hear my screams while he was doing it.

Yes, I scream that loud when I get fucked. Felix would have heard me, no matter how drunk he was.

After a few minutes of taking his cock out and shoving it back in, Dor forcibly hugged me while his cock was once again kissing my insides.

I felt his cock growing inside my ass even more, and Dor was shaking. Then, in a matter of seconds, he yelled, fucked me harder, and I felt so much cum filling my tunnel of love.

When it was over, Dor stayed inside my body for ten more minutes (maybe it was only one minute. When I'm stoned time goes so slowly). He was softly hugging me softly, occasionally kissing my neck or licking my right ear.

Very slowly, his cock got soft.

I felt my love tunnel easing while his cock relaxed. It was such a sensual feeling.

"What about you, babe? Do you want me to lick your amazing hole until you come?"

The thought of Dor licking my open hole while playing with my nuts until I shot my load was exciting enough even without doing it.

But I didn't want him to do so.

I wanted Dor to remember how I'd given him my ass without thinking about my pleasure, to make this fuck purely non-selfish. It's very rare for me not to empty my balls when my ass is full of cum.

I wanted Dor to have this rare gift because he's not only a fantastic lover but also a great friend.

"I'm good; I'm too stoned to shoot my load right now."

It was a lie, but Dor didn't notice it.

Six hours later, Felix woke up horny and demanded my ass.

I don't like getting fucked in the morning because usually, I don't feel clean enough. That morning, however, I was too stoned to think about it, and I also felt that Felix wanted to seed my ass because he knew Dor had done it a few hours earlier.

I didn't tell him yet, but he just knew.

Since I was still stoned, it didn't take long for Felix to conquer my ass with his North American cock. I was in the same position as I was when Dor had made love to my ass.

I was flat on my stomach and very submissive.

Here are the last two minutes of Felix fucking me. I was playing with his hairy balls until he filled my ass with loads of cum. You can tell by my voice how stoned I was:

I loudly yelled when I felt his cock erupting inside my ass. It's such a terrific feeling.

After Felix had given my hungry ass breakfast, he asked me: "What about you? Do you want to shoot on my face?"

Felix has been terrific the entire day.

He helped me organize the party, cleaned, and even cooked a bit. And most importantly, he didn't care that Dor and I had fucked. It meant so much to me that he trusted me to give my ass to Dor, but kept my heart for him.

And so, just like with Dor, I decided that I wanted this act of lovemaking to be entirely an act of giving; that Felix would feel that I'd given him my ass not so I could shoot my load using his cum later, but purely for him to enjoy my body because I love him so much.

I fell asleep again with Felix's cum still inside my ass. A few hours later when I'd woken up, I got his cum out of my ass and my own cum out of my balls.

Next weekend we plan to spend a night at a B&B and go hiking.

The desert is probably going to be too warm:

So we will spend a night up north.

It is going to be the first time we spend a weekend together somewhere else. I think that it'll be amazing.

After all, Felix is just that. Amazing.

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