2 Loads in 1 Ass

"Give Theon another joint; he's not stoned enough," yelled Debby.

When Dor started fucking me, three hours later, I was so stoned that he needed only a little bit of lube to take control of my ass.

My hole opened immediately and embraced his beautiful northern cock because my muscles were so relaxed, and it felt as if my mind was floating on a cushion of white clouds.

Allowing Dor to make love to my ass was not something that I was planning to do on the night of my second birthday party.

However, feeling him kissing my neck and whispering "Happy Birthday, Prince," ten minutes after he'd spilled his seed inside my ass and while still inside me, was such a beautiful ending to a terrific party.

Dor was the first to arrive and the last to leave after he came in my ass.

It was past 2 AM when he left.

The party was a huge success, and I got some more presents!

Dor gave me a silver bracelet. It fits perfectly; I love it:

There were 10 of us: Me & Felix, Dor, Debby and Simon, two gay couples, and my best lady friend. All of us are vegan. I don't have any friends who aren't.