Two massive loads at the beach, another one at home

In my recent blog post, I talked briefly about how Felix was devastated on returning to Israel from the States.

Most of the blog post was about the incredible 3-some I had with a hot couple, Tzahi and Evyatar.

You can read about how we made love here:

A weird beach orgasm, a wild threesome, and the return of Felix!

They fucked me on the day before Felix came back.

Five days then elapsed without anything going into my ass. Felix was too sad, and I wasn't going to get fucked by another man while he was in such a state.

I wanted to support him.

Finally, on Wednesday night, we had incredible, mind-blowing sex, then again on Thursday and twice on Friday...

...Once on the trail while hiking, and later that night with Gidi, the soldier.

Two hours before drinking Felix's seed while taking a naked dip in a natural pool.
Two hours before drinking Felix's seed while taking a naked dip in a natural pool.

Our sex with Gidi had been so intense that Felix said after it was over that you don't get to see that kind of hot action even in porn movies.

I hope to find time to write about it at some point.

On Monday, I met with a blog admirer at the nudist beach. A 23-year-old, sexy, hairy Arab with a colossal, dark cock that made love to my ass for an hour.

He fucked me when I was face-down, from the side, in doggie, while riding his cock and, lastly, while lying on my stomach again.

I intend to write more about him, but for now, here's a photo of two-thirds of his seed

The other third is inside my ass.
The other third is inside my ass.

Finally, on Sunday, three guys poured delicious white DNA into my ass.

Who were the guys that granted me these sweet offerings?

I met two of them at the nudist beach and the other one was Felix, my boyfriend.

Felix is back and I'm so happy!
Felix is back and I'm so happy!

When I arrived at the beach that day, I saw Dor, my best friend and fuck buddy, leaving the beach.

"Theon, what a joy it is to see you here!"

We kissed, and, as always, he grabbed my ass. I hadn't spoken with him since the Independence Day party on my roof terrace last week.

There were 25 of us: Felix and I, Dvir, a fuck buddy from the beach (with whom Dor fucked after the party), my parents, my sister and husband, and many more friends.

Felix did the decorations.

Isn't he adorable?
Isn't he adorable?

"Did you enjoy the party?" I asked him while his fingers were still massaging my hole.

"What a sweet, sweaty hole!" Dor said, bringing his fingers to me so I could lick them. "The party was a blast, and Dvir is such a sweet fuck!"

"Yeah, I saw you getting along..." I told him.

I’d originally planned for Dvir to fuck with Felix and me. Felix had been in a terrible mood since his return from the States and so I was hoping Dvir's smooth ass would cheer him up.

However, there was no need for Dvir's hole since Felix was so happy after the party that we had fantastic sex just the two of us.

"I hope that you're not jealous!" Dor said with a fake worried expression.

"No, but you owe me one! I brought him over to have sex with us and to fuck my ass."

"Well, if I owe you one, I can pay my debts to your ass right now!" Dor said and took down his shorts, revealing his thick cock. It rose to attention instantly.

I was tempted, but I'd only arrived at the beach. Besides, I wanted some fresh meat that afternoon.

I kneeled, licked his balls, and, kissing the tip of his breeding tool, told him "Some other time, cutie!"

"You slut! You're saving it for the beach!"

The place above the beach where I met Dor
The place above the beach where I met Dor

"Hardly," I answered. "It's getting cold, and I don't think there are going to be many people."

"Theon!!! I know you all too well! You will get fucked. Don't forget to tell me about it later."

Dor says that as far as sex is concerned, I'm his inspiration.

I don't understand why since I think he has many more random encounters than me. Still, I don't mind that he thinks of me like that.

However, until an hour before sunset, I was sure that he would be wrong this time. The beach was windy, and there were very few people.

To shelter from the wind, I stayed behind these rocks.

Watching Arik approaching with his massive dark cock
Watching Arik approaching with his massive dark cock

Then I saw Arik, the "harmless troll", approaching. He is a Yemenite top, in his mid-60s with a HUGE dark cock.

Why do I refer to him as a "harmless troll"?

There are a lot of trolls at the beach. By "trolls" I mean weird guys that interfere while I'm getting fucked or stare at my naked body while masturbating.

Arik is not like that.

I've known him for several years, and he always does the same routine at the beach. He walks along the beach, playing with his huge cock without talking to anyone. What makes him even weirder is his face which is completely covered with a hat and a shawl.

I've always been attracted to his incredible penis, but I'd never approached him because he is so weird and seemed scared.

Yesterday, I talked with him for the first time.

"Why do you cover your face like that?" I asked when he got closer.

"I'm married and afraid of people taking photos of me."

That's what I'd figured.

"I have a camera," I said while pointing at it, "but I'd never do that. It would be awesome if you let me take a photo of your huge cock!"

He ignored my hint. "Do you like it?"

"Of course! What's not to like? It's huge, manly, thick, hairy, and dark-skinned."

"That's almost the opposite of what I like about your ass

which is small, feminine, soft, smooth, and white-skinned."

Many guys tell me that my ass is feminine
Many guys tell me that my ass is feminine

Without seeking my permission, he started to massage my cock and balls with one hand and caress my horny ass with the other. He didn't need to ask because he could see me licking precum just by standing next to his massive tool.

To my surprise, he turned out to be a great lover.

I don't like guys playing with my cock, mainly because, from experience, guys that want to fuck are terrible at that.

They are into dominance and control, which is fantastic when it has to do with my horny hole. But when they try to dominate my cock, it doesn't feel good.

Most guys hold my cock roughly or wank it rapidly, which is just awful!

I don't let other guys play with my cock!
I don't let other guys play with my cock!

Arik, on the other hand, took care of my cock lovingly.

He gently massaged my smooth balls or my hard cock, while fingering my love hole. I moaned and yelled because that's something I rarely experience with tops.

Then he moved behind me and started to search the entrance to my temple with his massive cock head.

"Wait," I told him. "Let me lube your cock first." I put ample lube on his big penis. I think his cock was 8.5 inches long and very thick.

I wondered if Arik would continue to make love to my ass so gently as gently he did to my cock and balls. I didn't want to leave anything to chance when dealing with such a thick hammer.

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Therefore I told him: "I'll insert your cock, you don't need to do anything."

But I didn't have to worry.

While Arik's penis was taking control over my submissive hole, he didn't stop for a second to take care of my body. His hands were massaging my ass cheeks, pinching my nipples, holding my pecs, or caressing my balls.

"Theon, you are so beautiful. I been wanting to fuck you for so many years!"

"Why didn't you say anything before now?" I muttered between my moans.

"Because I'm much older than you and not as good-looking. I'm so glad you don't mind having sex with older men."

"You could be 200 years old, and I would still want your incredible cock fucking me!"

Shortly after, his 8.5 inches of thick flesh were completely buried inside my body, and he was about to start fucking me.

I was facing the ocean, somewhat bent, and he was behind me, moving slowly in and out of my smooth temple of love.

Then Yaniv passed us.

"Who's Yaniv?" I head you say!

At that moment, I didn't know his name was Yaniv. I only knew he was very interested in looking at me while I was getting fucked. He kept on walking but turned his head a few times and stared.

He only saw my lusful facial expression while Arik was fucking me...

...and of course my hard cock and body

Imagine Arik fucking me from behind while Yaniv was passing by, looking at me
Imagine Arik fucking me from behind while Yaniv was passing by, looking at me

Yaniv was handsome, in his 30s, and I beckoned him to join us. He signaled back "later" and was gone.

Arik didn't notice Yaniv since he was behind me, preoccupied with making love to my ass with slow movement and caressing my body all the while.

I started to make my moves, squeezing my powerful ass muscles and trying to milk him. Arik started to moan. Therefore I increased the force with which I was squeezing his penis inside me.

The result was unexpected.

Arik pulled his massive tool out of my ass and said: "I've been here since 9 AM, and have been playing with my cock all that time. Fuck, I was so close to cumming, but I don't want to."

Arik has been masturbating for nearly 9 hours, which meant his balls held a tremendous amount of semen.

But he wasn't about to give it to me.

Arik went back to the water, washed his cock, and then returned, still hard.

We chatted some more, and then he asked me: "Play some more with my cock, please. Your touch is amazing!"

I pride myself on knowing how to please a man, so I wasn't surprised by his compliment.

I played with his tool again and noticed that it was leaking precum for the first time. It meant only one thing: Arik's balls were losing patience!

I lubed his cock again and slowly moved my body so he was behind me once more. Then I gently reinserted his cock into my hot oven. Arik trembled and moaned when he felt his penis enjoying my heavenly ass.

I was about to outsmart him.

Instead of forcefully milking his cock, I squeezed my ass very gently and slowly. I could feel Arik's cock getting thicker and bigger in my ass. I knew that I was so close to pushing him beyond the point of no return.

Then I started playing with his hairy balls to push him even further.

Arik started fucking me slowly while firmly hugging my pecs and pinching my nipples. His cock grew inside me some more, and then he screamed, "Fuck, I'm about to cum!"

He fucked me frantically, instinctively, as if to push his seed as deep inside my ass as possible. Then he started yelling, and I felt his cum shots blasting into me.

His orgasm lasted so long, which I figured was because he'd saved it for nine hours!

When he took his dark cock out it was covered with his white love juices. It was so beautiful to look at.

I almost begged him to let me take a photo of his cum-stained cock, but I knew he'd never agree to that.

Shortly after that, he was gone.

Why didn't I cum?

I was waiting for Yaniv, the handsome guy from before. For a split moment, I thought of saving Arik's seed in my ass until I could collect Yaniv's as well. But there was so much of it that I wanted to get it out of my body.

I cleaned myself in the Mediterranean and saw Yaniv looking at me.

Arik's massive cock had exhausted me
Arik's massive cock had exhausted me

I knew that he would come to me shortly after seeing my naked body. To tease him, I decided to put my jock on and sit down so he couldn't see my ass right away.

It's weird how wearing a jock makes tops very eager to fuck.

Yaniv came closer and smiled; I smiled back at him and said: "You could have joined us before. You seemed very interested."

"I was very interested in fucking you," he said, taking off his shirt and revealing a hairy, lean upper body, "I wouldn’t like to share a great-looking ass like yours with other guys."

All tops are the same way, I thought to myself, remembering Evyatar, who also didn't like sharing my love hole.

I stood up and was about to take off my jock, but then Yaniv said: "Keep it on; it's so sexy."

Here’s where I greeted Yaniv
Here’s where I greeted Yaniv

"You don't need to keep anything on," I replied.

Yaniv took the rest of his clothes off. Of course, his cock wasn't nearly as massive as Arik's colossal tower.

Yaniv's penis was similar to mine, which is perfect for my ass.

 My cock isn't huge, but most guys say it's pretty thick.
My cock isn't huge, but most guys say it's pretty thick.

Compared to Arik, Yaniv was more of a classic top.

He didn't bother with my cock and balls. He was focused on fucking me and taking the pressure off his sweet balls.

At first, he spanked for a while, making sure I accepted him as the guy who was about to own my ass for the next 20 minutes.

Then he pushed me down to doggie, and removed my jock

The ground behind the rocks was too rough for doggie
The ground behind the rocks was too rough for doggie

I knew that he was about to shove his cock inside me with force and start fucking right away.

Usually, I hate it when guys do that.

But this time, I was very eager to empty my balls, and, besides, my hole was still loose from Arik's hammer.

Yaniv fucked me fast and forcefully, which was just what I needed. I screamed at the setting sun, and Yaniv grabbed my shoulders and kept on fucking.

"Are you close?" he asked me.

"I can shoot at any moment. Let's shoot together!"

Yaniv didn't answer. Instead, he resumed pounding my ass and added a lot of spanks. I started screaming as I was about to cum, and he pounded me harder until my orgasm was over.

And then he kept on fucking me, slowly.

"Didn't you cum?" I asked him.

"No, I love the bottom to cum while I'm still fucking. It's so hot! But I'm going to now!"

My hand was covered in my cum; I took Yaniv's penis out of my used hole, lubed it with my cum, and grabbed his balls while he pushed it back in.

In less than a minute, Yaniv yelled and gave my ass a hot load of juicy semen less than 30 minutes after Arik's load had been deposited in me.

Yaniv took his cock out and spanked my ass with it while I was still in doggie. Then he cleaned his cock on my ass cheeks.

It was so fucking hot!

I cleaned my love hole for the second time that afternoon. It was just as Dor had said 3 hours earlier: "Theon!!! I know you all too well! You will get fucked!"

After the sun had set, I climbed this rock and enjoyed being alone, free, and naked!

Even though I was cold, I felt so alive!
Even though I was cold, I felt so alive!

I thought that my hole was going to enjoy a quiet evening, but Felix sent me a message around 9 PM: "Hey honey, what are you doing?"

I know Felix all too well.

When Felix sends me this kind of message, it actually means: "Hey honey, I'm horny, and I need your ass."

Felix's cock isn't as big as Arik's...

Decorating for the Independence Day Party.
Decorating for the Independence Day Party.

...but it didn't stop my hole from enjoying a third load of semen that night.

The following morning, my thick cock woke me up

I didn't expect it since I’d drained my balls twice the previous day
I didn't expect it since I’d drained my balls twice the previous day

Little did I know that 9 hours later a huge Muslim cock would be fucking me.

But that's a story for another blog post!

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