These two married guys found my ass irresistible at the nudist beach

This morning, like every morning, I woke up with a massive boner.

But unlike every morning, the memories of the two guys who had given me their seed at the beach the day before made my boner last longer.

It took my cock a few minutes to soften before I could pee.

Eventually the blood began to drain from my hard cock

The recollection of the first guy's huge, hard cock gliding on my lubed flat stomach next to my own hard cock made my erection, this morning, last for so long.

I was lying on my back and holding his massive hairy balls at the same time.

"Theon, what are you doing to me? It feels so amazing!"

"Cock, balls, and giving the best time to a guy is what I do best," I answered while gently massaging his hairy hole.

"Oh fuck, this is so good, I'm so close."

Who was this guy?

He was the same married guy who had shot his load all over my upper body nearly a month ago. When I saw him approaching with his massive cock dangling between his legs, I recognized him immediately.

I never forget a guy with a great-looking, thick cock.

Here's a photo of his delicious cum on my body from last time:

Here's the story of our last fuck:

Becoming a marriage counselor.

Like the last time, he used the same pickup-line to get the chance to play with my balls:

"Where is the nearest exit?"

The same pickup-line and the same thick cock dangling in front of my eyes.

"We fucked about a month ago, don't you remember?

He looked puzzled.

I raised myself from my beach towel, sat on my knees, my lips so close to his terrific cock.

"Remember now? You shot a river of cum all over my body".

"Yes! Of course! You have an amazing cock and such beautiful balls"

"And you are married, with four kids, and afraid of me serving your giant cock with my ass or my mouth."

Again, he had a terrified expression, as if a huge HIV was hiding in my horny hole or my eager lips and would swallow him if I merely licked his thick mushroom.

"Don't worry. I'm not going to do anything that you won't like."

I meant it.

Last time, I got him to rub his lubed cock on my crack, and he enjoyed it a lot. The minute I tried to press his hammer against my love hole, he jumped back in fear.

My ass and my hole are the Mercedes and Rolls-Royce of asses.

Had my ass been a car, it would have been this one

I'm not ashamed to boast I've got a perfect ass for fucking, and more importantly, I know how to make a guy feel as though his cock is in heaven while fucking me long before he grants my ass his love juices.

I wasn't going to humiliate myself by begging him to fuck me.

In any case, I was already having a lot of fun playing with his massive cock. But just like last time, he added a bizarre conversation to our love-making:

"It's just like in high school, right? Just like two teenagers masturbating together. You know, there was this guy in the showers, we always used to masturbate like you and me are doing right now."

I was sure that other guy never played with his hole, or balls, the way I was doing right now. In any case, just like last time, I wasn't going to answer crazy questions. Instead, I increased the pleasure I was giving to his cock, balls, nipples, ass, and hairy, moist hole.

How did I do it?

While rubbing both hard cocks together, I caressed his balls or gently touched his hairy love hole. Soon, he broke loose from my grip.

"Stop! You're getting me so close. What are you doing to me? It's incredible."

I stopped, and he started to play with my body instead.

"Theon, you are so manly, I love your pubic hair and hairy chest."

Then he pinched my nipples and massaged my pecs.

"Wow, you're so muscular - such a strong man."

He played with my pubic hair and my balls.

"Your balls are so smooth and nice to play with. I'm sure they are loaded with cum.”

Then he held my hard cock with one hand and played with my balls with the other. I saw how a silver stream of pre-cum was leaking out. I was getting close to shooting my load even though my ass wasn't getting any attention.

He'd noticed my pre-cum.

"Are you going to cum? I'm dying to see you shoot. I'm sure your cum shots are terrific".

I usually shoot a few powerful cum shots followed by 4-6 less dramatic bursts of cum

"I'm a terrific shooter but I'm not going to demonstrate it to you. I told you last time. I prefer to cum after a guy had loaded my ass with his seed or at least while he is fucking me".

"No, no, I don't do that," he said, and again he had a fearful expression on his face.

"No problem," I replied and started playing with his cock.

He pulled back again.

"Well, if you're not going to cum now, I think I'll head north for a while. Perhaps I'll come back later."

"Have fun."

I laid on my beach towel and closed my eyes. I wasn't too concerned because I knew he was interested in giving me his fountain of love, just like he did last time.

And I was right.

Twenty minutes later, I saw him coming back.

"There were two naked guys there" he pointed, "sitting with a topless woman. They were in their 40s, and she was, perhaps 35. Oh, Theon, you should have seen her. She had such amazing boobs and her nipples, wow. I'm sure that even you would have wanted to fuck her."

HOW ABOUT "NO???!!!"

While he was describing her to me, his cock changed from large and soft to huge and hard. Of course, the story about her nipples didn't do anything for my soft cock. But seeing his missile getting hard and extra-thick again had made mine the same (albeit somewhat smaller).

When I saw him coming over, 10 minutes before, I lubed my stomach in anticipation of serving his terrific breeder. Now, I was ready and very eager to feel his manly body.

"Come over here and lie on top of me."

He started moving on my body; his hard cock next to mine. I knew he was getting so close to creaming my body because he moaned, closed his eyes, and trembled.

"I'm so close; I'm so close, your body is so beautiful."

Suddenly he forgot about the topless woman and her boobs…

Not wanting to waste this opportunity, I grabbed his massive, hairy balls, and he yelled in response.

"What are you doing to me? oh my god, I'm going to cum!”

He lifted his body and frantically wanked his giant cock and colossal mushroom head. I kept massaging his terrific cum factories and occasionally reached his sweet hole.

Suddenly, he screamed and shot a massive amount of cum on me. Just like last time, his cum poured out of his red mushroom as if he was peeing. He was pissing cum on me. It was so impressive that I screamed with him.

Then he stood up and looked at me.

I smiled at him, happy with so much hot cum on my body.

He suddenly realized that despite all the mumbling about boobs and nipples, he'd just shot his DNA on a somewhat hairy guy while that guy was holding his balls and pressing a finger against his hole.

It took him a minute or two to relax and accept the fact that once again, he'd had sex with a guy.

Then he went to the sea to clean, and I used this opportunity to take two photos of the lake of cum he'd left on my cock, balls, and upper body.

There was another large pool between my pecs

After I'd taken these photos, I too went to the water to wash, and he took this (lousy) photo of me.

As you can see, I was more than happy to let a huge cock drown me with the cream of love.

Two hours later, half an hour before sunset, a slightly overweight older guy passed me.

"You're Theon, right? Remember? We talked before".

Now it was my turn to try and remember when I'd talked with this guy. He looked familiar.

Then I remembered:

It was the married professor (with 4 kids) who'd sought permission to cum on my ass five months ago.

I wrote about it here:

Cum on your Ass? - Part I

This is where he'd loaded my ass and smooth crack with a beautiful DNA pool.

He didn't even touch me last time.

He only looked at my naked body and ass and drained his balls all over it. I remembered perfectly how his hot juices leaked into my crack and wet my love hole and balls.

Yesterday though, his cum went much deeper, and so did his massive cock.

To be continued…

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