These two married guys found my ass irresistible at the nudist beach

This morning, like every morning, I woke up with a massive boner.

But unlike every morning, the memories of the two guys who had given me their seed at the beach the day before made my boner last longer.

It took my cock a few minutes to soften before I could pee.

Eventually the blood began to drain from my hard cock

The recollection of the first guy's huge, hard cock gliding on my lubed flat stomach next to my own hard cock made my erection, this morning, last for so long.

I was lying on my back and holding his massive hairy balls at the same time.

"Theon, what are you doing to me? It feels so amazing!"

"Cock, balls, and giving the best time to a guy is what I do best," I answered while gently massaging his hairy hole.

"Oh fuck, this is so good, I'm so close."

Who was this guy?

He was the same married guy who had shot his load all over my upper body nearly a month ago. When I saw him approaching with his massive cock dangling between his legs, I recognized him immediately.

I never forget a guy with a great-looking, thick cock.

Here's a photo of his delicious cum on my body from last time:

Here's the story of our last fuck:

Becoming a marriage counselor.

Like the last time, he used the same pickup-line to get the chance to play with my balls:

"Where is the nearest exit?"

The same pickup-line and the same thick cock dangling in front of my eyes.

"We fucked about a month ago, don't you remember?