2 Congress Demons

I just kissed goodbye the muscular stud who I had sex with.

We spent two beautiful hours of lust and fun.

I think his arms pits are merely gorgeous, would you not agree?

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Regarding another issue that I did not want to talk about, but now I feel that I have to:

A MeWe contact has addressed me regarding the news about the two antisemitic whores that happen to be congress demons

Their request to visit Israel has been denied.

Maybe they should try visiting Germany?

It is a far more suited country for them to visit, given their hatred to the Jewish nation and the state of Israel.

Back to the MeWe contact:

How he has chosen to bring the matter with me was rude from the start.

I understand that some people are fanatic about their hatred of Trump. This could be the reason why he lashed out like that.

Please leave me out of U.S politics; it really does not interest me. It is not my place to criticize what is going on in other countries, not do I care.

He also said that because Israel gets money from the States, we have health care while Americans do not.

In other words:

The Jews take money from the non-Jews, and that’s why Americans die because they don’t have health care.

This is a false and idiotic claim which is borderline antisemitic by itself.

As for the two congress demons:

I am not presenting here a radical point of view. They are deeply hated in Israel and perceived as anti-Semites.

My Jewish friends in the States are also appalled by them. All my Jewish friends in the States are (some were) democrats.

In Israel, except for the very extreme left, no one will shed a tear for them not coming over.

I have written more than I was planning to in regards to these two evil creatures.

I am too relaxed and happy right now anyhow.