10% + 10 Inches = ?

Tonight I am celebrating.

No, I am not celebrating the fact that I, at last, got a new supply of anal lube from Amazon.

Here is the link for more information about this Best Lube Ever.

I was getting nervous that I will need to ask Felix, my boyfriend, to bring over lube the next time we fuck. I don’t like the kind of lube that he uses. As a general rule, you can’t count on the top to get the type of lubricant that your ass likes the most.

I’m almost down to my last drops of anal lube. The sex with Yuri required a lot of lube to allow his extra thick and bent cock to slide nicely into my ass.

I wrote about our terrific love-making here:

Eating Cum & Yuri's Mom - Part I

I will write the second part this weekend. That is if Felix will let me out of his sight for a few hours.

This above lube is my favorite.

I highly recommend it. It can handle any cock imaginable. It could have even dealt with the 10-inch cock that I was offered tonight. But more about that legendary monster below.

I am celebrating an unexpected 10% raise today, coming directly from the CEO.

I will devote another blog post to the fact that you should never give up. 2.5 years ago, I thought that my career was over, and today I’m in a different place.

It’s like a miracle for me.

Why am I not celebrating this with my boyfriend?

Because Felix is still in Germany for biz matters. He should be here Friday night, and then we will celebrate properly (read: drinks, weed, kiss and fuck a lot).

I was hoping to celebrate tonight with a nice thick cock erupting in my ass, but fate had other plans. None of the guys were to my liking, or they were just awful. The worst one sent me this message:

“I like your photos, sent me a photo of your cunt.”

And he accompanied this message with a photo of his 10-inch cock, hard, one the biggest that I have seen in a long time.

I checked his profile:

His nickname was: “Arab, 32, Giant, 10.”

The profile text was:

“An Arab guy, I have a huggghh cock, 10 inches and very thick. I don’t give a fuck about anyone or you.

I fuck everything, ass, or cunt.

If you are feminine, a big plus. If you want me to fuck your ass best if you show up wearing woman’s panties.

Send me photos of your cunt, and I’ll let you know if I’ll fuck you.”

I don’t think that I have ever blocked someone as quickly as this guy.


Speaking of gross guys, here is a message I got two days ago:

How sick can someone be to think that I get fucked by my dog? Mind you; I get these type of messages quite often.

People come to this conclusion from such photos I guess:

For the love of God:

I don’t have sex with my dog.

If the idea of getting fucked by a dog turns you on, find a good therapist, and-or cut your balls to relax.

I love my dog to death, and she is so attached to me. I have to move her to the second floor when a guy comes over. The minute a guy touches me, she gets crazy.

Perhaps I am not adding enough photos to demonstrate how much we love each other, and the context always seems sexual to some sick minds.

So, there it is, my sweet girl Luka & I:

In the original photo, you can also see my cock because, like always, I am naked at the beach. I cut it from this photo (against my wish) to make it completely non-sexual.


But enough about disgusting people.

Apart from celebrating my new raise, I am also happy to present you with a new video page + a new video.

My videos page is the most popular on my web site. I guess people enjoy seeing me naked and moving and sometimes shoot my cum 😝

I film the videos myself and with my cell, and the quality is not so good compared to the photos. I have to admit that the video medium is new to me, but I am sure that in time the quality of the videos will improve.

Currently, there are seven videos in two categories. They are:

  • Naked at the beach

  • Masturbating (I have a feeling this one will be more popular 😝😝😝)

Here is the link to the new page: New Videos Page

Feel free to let me how what do you think of the new Videos page.

And lastly, here is a new video of me enjoying some sweet balls & cock massage in my rooftop jacuzzi. The steams make it not so clear, but the dark triangle of love decorating my hole is nicely visible.

This video is also included on the videos page.

It was fun, but I would have preferred that Felix was behind me in this video and making love to my ass until his sweet cock gives me his love and more.

On second thought, I miss more his sweet lips right now than his sweet vegan cum.

Two more days...


Click here to see my thick cock...