10% + 10 Inches = ?

Tonight I am celebrating.

No, I am not celebrating the fact that I, at last, got a new supply of anal lube from Amazon.

Here is the link for more information about this Best Lube Ever.

I was getting nervous that I will need to ask Felix, my boyfriend, to bring over lube the next time we fuck. I don’t like the kind of lube that he uses. As a general rule, you can’t count on the top to get the type of lubricant that your ass likes the most.

I’m almost down to my last drops of anal lube. The sex with Yuri required a lot of lube to allow his extra thick and bent cock to slide nicely into my ass.

I wrote about our terrific love-making here:

Eating Cum & Yuri's Mom - Part I

I will write the second part this weekend. That is if Felix will let me out of his sight for a few hours.

This above lube is my favorite.

I highly recommend it. It can handle any cock imaginable. It could have even dealt with the 10-inch cock