October 2019

  • ​Anal-og vs. Digital

    ​Anal-og vs. Digital

    This message yesterday made me think of our digital era: "I want to shove my cock in your ass, fuck., cum and then leave."

  • An Obedient Doggie

    An Obedient Doggie

    "Your cunt is amazing, do you want my cum?" - A terrific last beach fuck, before daylight saving - wow!

  • Sweaty Outdoor Sex - Part I

    Sweaty Outdoor Sex - Part I

    David played with my moist hole while we were hiking; He fingered me, and I licked his fingers.

  • Forest Fuck - Part I

    Forest Fuck - Part I

    During our hike, David decided to stop looking for wood, and instead, fucked me with his woody

  • 9 Inches vs. 10 Pounds?

    9 Inches vs. 10 Pounds?

    It took me a year to get back to 159 pounds. Losing 10 pounds has proven to be much harder than riding a 9-inch hard cock

  • Young Love

    Young Love

    “Don’t pull out,” I whispered, “Just keep fucking me.” With each movement of his big cock, I felt a constant mini orgasm

  • 3,2,1,0 - Part II

    3,2,1,0 - Part II

    Please don't grab my cock without permission, especially if you are a bottom - thank you!

  • 3,2,1,0 - Part I

    3,2,1,0 - Part I

    "Care to explain why you are only a bottom?"

    Gee, how about no?

  • Dating Dan? Part I

    Dating Dan? Part I

    My hand was massaging Dan's balls when I asked him about dating. What do you think was his answer?

  • Not My Temple

    Not My Temple

    Temple Grandin is a respected public figure in the States, even though her actions are horrific.

  • Naked in Burma - Part I

    Naked in Burma - Part I

    Last weekend I hiked naked in Burma with my best buddy, Dor.

  • Jake, the Sailor

    Jake, the Sailor

    Jake, the sexy sailor, is not the one responsible for ruining my jocks while fucking me.

  • Cum on 7.18.2018

    Cum on 7.18.2018

    "Marathon man" took my nude photos. However, he was not the one who ended up creaming my ass

  • Czech Mate

    Czech Mate

    In this beach paradise, I played the role of Eve while Adam was making love to my ass.

  • 69 or 79?

    69 or 79?

    Family, sex, wank, dinner & friends - a perfect combination for a wonderful long weekend