November 2019

  • A cum rug?

    A cum rug?

    "Theon, please, let me come over and shoot cum on your face. If you insist, I will shoot on your beautiful cunt."

  • My balls for $5.50

    My balls for $5.50

    I have just discovered that I am a "Celebrity' and someone is selling a photo of my balls for $5.50 - WTF? My balls are worth so much more!

  • A Good Samaritan?

    A Good Samaritan?

    I observed the shape of Dor's thick cock through the sheets. I could see that he had morning boner, and the wet spot indicated some precum.

  • "begs to be penetrated"

    "begs to be penetrated"

    "Ur hole begs to be penetrated." Dean, my sweet, 20 years old fuck body, wrote me this sentence two days ago.

  • Doc in my Ass

    Doc in my Ass

    The doctor gave me a deep rectal exam at the beach, later I made a video of me leaking cum and eating it.

  • Fucked by an Angel - Part II

    Fucked by an Angel - Part II

    "There is no chance this hot guy is interested in me"; I thought to myself, "absolutely no fucking way."

  • Fucked by an Angel - Part I

    Fucked by an Angel - Part I

    "It was not just fucking; it was the Sistine Chapel of fucking, a masterpiece, a triumph. I feel like writing a poem about it."

  • The Professor's Cock

    The Professor's Cock

    Four years ago, I was not on prep, so he fucked me with a condom. Yesterday, I felt the raw power of his condomless big cock.

  • Sex and Batteries

    Sex and Batteries

    "I am going to start dating older guys, like you. You really know how to bottom"

  • The Yoga Stud

    The Yoga Stud

    He was naked and practicing yoga. When he got closer, I invited him to sit next to me.