May 2020

  • Black on White

    Black on White

    I changed my blog's theme today to black & white. The overall "look & feel" is cleaner and easier.

    Check it out!

  • A Confident Screamer

    A Confident Screamer

    A young man sent me a vulgar message, but I couldn't care less.

    Felix's cum was again leaking from my love hole.

  • Wanking & Talking - Video

    Wanking & Talking - Video

    Balls, cock and ass play while talking about my boyfriend.

    I hope that you would like this new video.

  • Do It Now!

    Do It Now!

    I want to share how I can maintain my figure and toned body even at my age.

    You will live longer, look younger, and feel fantastic!

  • Finger in the Hole

    Finger in the Hole

    I nearly yelled when I felt how quickly & deeply his finger went into my horny ass.

    I was lucky that no one had seen us.

  • The Fake Top

    The Fake Top

    He played a lot with my love hole, but he was more interested in blowing my cock.

    He was a bottom that pretended to be a top.

  • Hairy and (not) Evil!

    Hairy and (not) Evil!

    Evil guys online, fucked at the beach, naked guys while hiking and a surprise finger up my ass.

    A lot had happened this week.

  • A Mother's Plea

    A Mother's Plea

    I want to explain the reason behind any injustice you might have faced during your lifetime.

    The explanation might surprise you.

  • Shooting Cum - Video

    Shooting Cum - Video

    I recorded a video demonstrating how I yell, shoot cum all over myself and later eat it.

    I hope that you will enjoy watching it.

  • What's My Secret? - Prolog

    What's My Secret? - Prolog

    Here's the story of how I became one of the "Top 50" most beautiful gay guys in Israel.

    And why I chose to give away this title.

  • 2 Loads in 1 Ass

    2 Loads in 1 Ass

    "Give Theon another joint; he's not stoned enough," yelled Debby.

    6 hours after Dor filled my ass with cum, so did Felix.

  • Fact or Fiction?

    Fact or Fiction?

    This morning, I waited for my partial boner to soften so I could pee.

    Meanwhile, I was reading a beautiful feedback.

  • Johnny Johnny Cum Home

    Johnny Johnny Cum Home

    I wanted to share a clip showing my ass swallowing Felix's thick cock.

    Sadly I'm too "feeble" to be able to do so.

  • Gideon's Yemenite Hammer

    Gideon's Yemenite Hammer

    I almost released a sigh of relief. Gideon was a top, thank God.

    Soon after his fingers were caressing my hole.

  • A Manly Female

    A Manly Female

    Face recognition software often decides that I'm a female.

    But I'm a man in more than one way.