March 2020

  • Naked @ a Wine Factory

    Naked @ a Wine Factory

    Today, Felix had let me take a photo of his cock before using it to fuck me.

    Earlier, this week, I hiked naked a few times.

  • "A Slave to Eros"

    "A Slave to Eros"

    A religious zealot has decided to save my soul and offer me his "love".

    I offer him this recording of me getting fucked.

  • Fear & Monogamy

    Fear & Monogamy

    Fear of Corona has forced me to start practicing monogamy, and I hate it.

    My hard cock keeps waking me up at night.

  • Guns & Roses

    Guns & Roses

    A year ago I made love with beautiful Gidi at the beach. Now we are almost under house arrest.

    I wish Felix could come over, I miss him.

  • Finally, an Uncut Delight!

    Finally, an Uncut Delight!

    Diego's Peruvian uncut cock fed my ass instead of Felix's last night.

    Felix is under house arrest for 3 more days.

  • Cock-Rona Times

    Cock-Rona Times

    Coronavirus fears ruined my plan for Felix to cream my ass first, followed by Dor.

    And also the fact the Felix was so jealous.

  • Am I Ugly?

    Am I Ugly?

    Felix finally allowed me to take a photo for my blog of his sexy body in the shower.

    But "Am I ugly," was asked by someone else.

  • Extracting Amit's Cum

    Extracting Amit's Cum

    "You better take the camera down," I smiled, "I want your cum in my ass, not on the lens."

    Seconds after his cock was pressed to my hole.

  • Yes, It's Open!

    Yes, It's Open!

    Felix and I love each other very much and yet we have sex with other guys all the time.

    Many guys have asked me how is that possible.

  • Felix & My Adonis

    Felix & My Adonis

    Fear of Corona has forced me to start practicing monogamy, and I hate it.

    My hard cock keeps waking me up at night.

  • Full Frontal Friday

    Full Frontal Friday

    I am starting to like "Full Frontal Friday". A light blog post to mark the start of the weekend.

    Combined with a photo of my thick cock

  • Cum on your Ass? - Part 2

    Cum on your Ass? - Part 2

    The taste, smell, and feel of hot cum on my sensual hole & balls made me very horny.

    I went uphill searching for someone to fuck me.

  • Hard & Happy

    Hard & Happy

    My morning boner demonstrates how happy I am with the results of the general elections.

    An incredible victory for the right-wing parties.

  • The Israeli Elections

    The Israeli Elections

    For whom did I vote for? I may not seem like it, but I am a very political person.

    It's not hard to be that way in Israel.

  • Cum on your Ass? - Part I

    Cum on your Ass? - Part I

    I met two cocks at the nude beach. One was tiny and the other thick and massive.

    Can you guess which one creamed my ass?