January 2020

  • A Million Dollars

    A Million Dollars

    I took a video of myself enjoying my cock and my hole in my rooftop jacuzzi.

    I hope that you like it.

  • Fountain of Youth

    Fountain of Youth

    You can have the same testosterone levels as if you were a guy in his early twenties.

    If you want to know then keep reading

  • It's Pink!

    It's Pink!

    He leaned forward and kissed me for a very long time while his cock was deep inside of me.

    It made me moan loudly.

  • Opera in Bed

    Opera in Bed

    Before showering, I squeezed my soft cock and milked my prostate with my ass muscles.

    There was still lots of cum as you can see.

  • Dor's cum back

    Dor's cum back

    Even though we were both stoned beyond belief, we got naked in record time.

    We were rolling in my bed, kissing, licking & sucking

  • "Better than Viagra"

    "Better than Viagra"

    I removed my clothes in this order: Shirt, shorts, and finally, my jocks.

    It felt great hiking naked, even though I was cold

  • "I Love You"

    "I Love You"

    "When you smile, there is such a light in your eyes. I am speaking from my heart here, I mean it,

    I love you with all my heart."

  • The Ass Highway

    The Ass Highway

    If I am with him at the beach, it is going to make it tricker to have sex with other guys.

    It's not that I am cheating on him.

  • I'm not Monogamous

    I'm not Monogamous

    I will never be monogamous. Not as long as I have such intense sexual desires.

    They are too strong for me to commit to one cock.