February 2020

  • A year ago, I loved him but he was still not my boyfriend

    A year ago, I loved him but he was still not my boyfriend

    Felix wasn't the guy that fucked me on Valentine's Day, 2020.

    And yet, there was something special about it after all.

  • Are You Clean?

    Are You Clean?

    I give you my ultimate guide for a successful anal sex experience without "accidents."

    These simple rules will change your sex life.

  • Not Created Equal

    Not Created Equal

    After working out, I rode my anal vibrator for 20 minutes on my workout bench.

    I also made a short video demonstrating it.

  • Holy Shit!

    Holy Shit!

    Both did not mind at all that I was watching as I passed, most likely that was their intent.

    For guys to watch them fucking and join.

  • Mentally Ill?

    Mentally Ill?

    "You are mentally ill; there is no doubt about that."

    It was an uncanny way to wake up from my afternoon nap.

  • 10% + 10 Inches = ?

    10% + 10 Inches = ?

    I was given two types of unexpected offers today: A 10% raise and a 10-inch cock.

    Which one do you think did I turn down?

  • Slut & Sensibility

    Slut & Sensibility

    "Thank you, Theon, you have no idea how badly I needed your ass."

    "I do have an idea, I am all sticky and wet."

  • Fans, Stalkers & Dealers

    Fans, Stalkers & Dealers

    Stalkers, drug dealers, fans, gross people who have sex with animals or with their kids.

    Here are some examples of what they send me.

  • Flash that Cock

    Flash that Cock

    I told Erez (married with kids) that I will no longer meet him for sex.

    "Why? is there all of a sudden a problem with me?"

  • An Ideal Husband

    An Ideal Husband

    I still did not have a chance to be an ideal husband to Felix.

    Someone is trying to take him away from me!

  • Hitler's Job

    Hitler's Job

    "It's too bad Hitler did not finish the job.", this was the message I received the other day.

    How do I handle personal insults like that?

  • Love Proclamation & Bestiality

    Love Proclamation & Bestiality

    I asked Felix to spank me and in response, he said that he loves me.

    The weirdest thing was a question about bestiality.