December 2019

  • Whiskey? After!

    Whiskey? After!

    Instead, I have to strip to my jocks while shivering.

    I know it's not as cold as in the States, but 55 is quite chilly!

  • Dare to Live!

    Dare to Live!

    2019 is nearly over, and it is a good time for some housekeeping on my blog.

    I added three new nude photo galleries.

  • The Greengrocer

    The Greengrocer

    When I turned back my head, I saw that his hard cucumber released a few more drops of precum.

    He was a greengrocer after all...

  • Flickr is Dying!

    Flickr is Dying!

    This photo of my cock is the kind of picture that no professional site will allow you to share.

    Except for Flickr, but Flickr is dying!

  • Naked in Burma - Part II

    Naked in Burma - Part II

    The idea of sexy Dor spanking my ass outdoors was a reason enough for me to get naked.

    You can tell by my smile how adorable Dor is.

  • The Car Mechanic

    The Car Mechanic

    His ass was so hairy. The hair was curly, and it climbed from the crack to his lower back.

    The Car Mechanic

  • Jocks & Thongs

    Jocks & Thongs

    I occasionally enjoy wearing a thong while making love.

    However a thong tends to irritate my hole.

  • King meets Prince

    King meets Prince

    My new German friend manages to keep me horny all the time.

    He is a young and beautiful prince.

  • Raped @ 17 - Part 3

    Raped @ 17 - Part 3

    What did he think when he tried forcing his massive cock into my ass?

    Or his stinky hairy hole into my frightened face?

  • Raped @ 17 - Part 1

    Raped @ 17 - Part 1

    "Lie down on your stomach and spread your legs.

    This way I can fuck you exactly like you said that you wanted me to"

  • "That's on Me"

    "That's on Me"

    He smiled at me again, and both my heart and my jock melted.

    He was my waiter and also so adorable.

  • The Best Boss

    The Best Boss

    "Listen, Theon; I want you to go home for the rest of the week."

    My boss is amazing!

  • More Hate

    More Hate

    I was considering the option of forgiving him. The way I see it: I have a physical disability,

    He has a disabled personality.

  • A Writing Challenge

    A Writing Challenge

    Eventually, I begged Dean to let me cum. My cock was so red and big, I could not take it any longer.

    "OK, Theon, you earned it"

  • Are you jealous?

    Are you jealous?

    "No, I'm not jealous. I'm only jealous of him when he me from being with you."

    Dean is so cute.