April 2019

  • Oh My God!

    Oh My God!

    I shout, "Oh my God, Oh my God" before I shoot my load, but God means more to me than that.

    God and my religion are a part of my life.

  • Paradise is here!

    Paradise is here!

    The best vacation I have had was with a close friend in 2008.

    We walked 50 miles and fucked like rabbits.

  • My Anus's Bodyguard

    My Anus's Bodyguard

    Sometimes, guys will find their way inside my ass despite Luka's watchful gaze.

    Luka will let them only if they are nice to her first

  • Gods & Demons

    Gods & Demons

    "Focus on what you still have and not on what you have lost."

    That is how I deal with my disability.