April 2020

  • Fame & Power

    Fame & Power

    A photo of me after Felix fucked me was deleted from a major photography site.

    I was able to have it restored.

  • Crying @ my Birthday

    Crying @ my Birthday

    Today it is my birthday. Felix is with me and I know he's going to give me lots of presents and cum.

    So why am I crying?

  • Grower or Shower?

    Grower or Shower?

    I hate when guys ask me about my cock or want to see photos of me naked.

    Is it because I'm not a shower?

  • I Fucked Aaron - Part II

    I Fucked Aaron - Part II

    The second part of the story of terrific beach sex that started with me fucking Aaron.

    And ended with me getting fucked by two guys.

  • 3 Married Guys

    3 Married Guys

    One married guy sucked my cock, the other showed me how he shoots loads of delicious cum.

    Can you guess which one did what?

  • My Erection, Gone!

    My Erection, Gone!

    Yesterday while having sex with a beautiful stud, I'd lost my erection.

    Once he took control of my ass it came back.

  • I'm a Screamer

    I'm a Screamer

    Felix shot massive amount of cum into my ass, and his cock was pressing directly on my prostate.

    Suddenly my orgasm started

  • Blackmailed & Fucked

    Blackmailed & Fucked

    My day started with threats to send my nude videos to all my co-workers and friends.

    My day ended with cum leaking out of my hole.

  • "A Hunky Bloke"

    "A Hunky Bloke"

    "God, you fuck me good."

    That's what I moaned while Felix was deep inside my muscular ass during Passover eve.

  • A Naked Break

    A Naked Break

    My naked body is resting in my bedroom, but my mind is elsewhere.

    There is so much more to do for Passover.

  • "You Look Old"

    "You Look Old"

    I enjoy follower's feedback. Two older guys commented about my naked body today.

    One was sweet and the other one evil.

  • Balls or Eggs?

    Balls or Eggs?

    You call them "balls", we call them "eggs". Finally a stud was strongly holding my eggs.

    It was not Felix, and it was at the beach.

  • Is Isolation that Bad?

    Is Isolation that Bad?

    HR requested a photo and two good things about the Corvid-19 pandemic and the house isolation.

    Here are my picks + two bad things as well

  • He's an Angel

    He's an Angel

    My boyfriend cares about my ass even when it is not such a fun place to be in.

    I'd never manage without my angelic boyfriend.

  • I Fucked Aaron - Part I

    I Fucked Aaron - Part I

    The story of how I tried to fuck Aaron@ the beach + how he fucked me.

    He allowed me to take photos of our love making.