My name is Theon, 


I love life, sex, and nudity. 


My blog contains explicit images of male nudity. If you are offended by such images, please click on this button:

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So scroll further down to check my smooth balls, thick cock, and smooth muscular ass. 


I am a nudist, I am always naked at the beach


I also enjoy hiking naked whenever I can

I do everything that I like with great passion and love. Not only sex but everything that I do, be it programming or cooking.


I am a 100% bottom and enjoy sensual sex sessions with gentle long anal action.


I'm on prep, and I love bareback sex. I especially enjoy when a guy empties his balls in my ass with loads of hot cum, the more, the better.


I am also vegan


I only eat plant food, and it feels great


Peace & love to everyone





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